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The rich wildlife of Madhya Pradesh

Indian tigerBandhavgarh, Kanha and Panna have won the ‘Best Maintained Tourist Friendly National Parks’ award, a national award given by the Government of India‘s Ministry of Tourism. Why not have an unforgettable break and explore the timeless magic of Madhya Pradesh’s jungles, known as the Tiger State of India and also where the inspiration for the much-loved story of Mowgli, of The Jungle Book fame, comes from. Learn more at mptourism.com

Paul Johnson

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  1. If you’re planning to go to a tiger reserve in India, do plenty of research first, and choose carefully. We visited the tiger sanctuary at Sariska (as part of our Fairy Queen train trip package). It wasn’t a very good experience.

    Most of us doubted that there were even any tigers there, we certainly didn’t see any and the local staff were wandering about the place on foot. If there had really been tigers around surely they’d have been more careful.

    Personally I was glad that we didn’t come across any tigers as we were in an open-topped vehicle, driven by a maniac, which kept stalling on the hills. Never again!

    If you plan to visit a tiger sanctuary try to get a word of mouth recommendation first and don’t believe all the promotional material you might read.

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