Prague's new, controversial National Library

National Library, PraguePrague’s first major new public building since the 18th Century is to be a jellyfish-like monstrosity.   The National Library will not only be the largest new building in the city, but in the whole of the Czech Republic.   Unsurprisingly, there is plenty of public opposition to the edifice. What’s more, neither the President of the Czech Republic, Prague’s Mayor or the director of Prague’s National Gallery are believed to like it. So how come such an eyesore is being given the go-ahead?

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  1. Trev says:

    Wonder if it can actually fulfill it’s purpose as in being a library, or will this fail the first test of any building design?

    Why – because someone high up was bribed into the idea (wait for the scandle) or it’s like the London Olympics Logo fiasco. Also wonder how much EEC money is going into this!?

  2. Emily M says:

    Did this ever get built? Can’t see any photos of its progress, it does look quite like a lump of melted cheese! Maybe it got the thumbs down after all. Not convinced about the design at all but I do think if you’re designing a new building though you may as well go for it and do something different, think of Gaudi’s building in Barcelona, they are fantastic but they must have seemed a bit bonkers at the time!

    Sorry Trev I quite like the London Olympics logo, think it’s great they have tried to do something different…

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