Is cruising not for you?

If you’re one of those who have always declared that you’ll never ever go on a cruise, then watch this 3-minute ad from Royal Caribbean and maybe you’ll think again. Post a comment and tell us if changes your views at all.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    This ad did not even come close to convincing me to go on a cruise. That may be, though, because I’ve actually been on two of them before. The first when I was 18 years old and the second about 10 years ago. I was extremely impressed with my first one. The last one, not so much. The food was not nearly as good as I remembered and there was so much that was not included in the price of the ticket…like I suspect the little cafe in the commercial may be extra.

    The appeal used to be that you knew pretty much everything was paid for and so it was easier to budget for. But these days, you know that there will be a host of things that may break your budget and it’s just not so spectacular anymore to make it worthwhile to take the chance.

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  3. Patti Shock says:

    No, I can’t swim and I have seen too many movies about shipwrecks, divers getting their feet clamped by giant clams, or gripped by an octopus – not to mention sharks. When I am on a boat of any kind, all I can think about is the depth of the water below me and the creatures that are there. I would never be able to sleep.

    And then there are all of the articles about the lack of quality medical care, if there is an emergency. And, of course, the recent disappearances of people.

    So, no thanks. I like the terra firma.

  4. Mark Evans says:

    Not sure it convinced me to take a cruise but I loved the tone they were trying to convey – fun, edgy, cute, which is a contrast to the idea that cruises are for, well, older travelers.

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