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A moment you’ll never forget

An email just in from the Norwegian Tourist Board has reminded me that it’s almost 20 years since I last went to Norway:
The first time you see the fjords is a moment you will never forget. Visit Norway and your senses will literally come alive – you’ll return to nature with the most breathtaking scenery, white sandy beaches and the freshest of mountain air, all designed to make you feel alive. Journey through Norway and not only will you find wonderful places to stay, historic towns and unparalleled hospitality but also fantastic cuisine – real food for the senses.
They are right.   You don’t forget your first to the fjords, and it would be great to re-kindle that feeling.   My wife hasn’t been and she loves scenery and the outdoors.   We really ought to go together some time. As for cuisine, whilst Norway doesn’t have an official body for the restaurant industry (that I know of, at least), the national newspapers are a good source of information (eg. Aftenposten), and there are a number of useful online resources such as Oregano,  Vibb, and  Spisekartet (alas, not all these sites have English versions so you might need to ‘brush up’ on your Norwegian!).   (Thanks to my friend  Gard  in Stavanger for the links.)

Paul Johnson

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  1. I would love to visit the Norwegian Fjords. Definitely high up on my list right now. A cruise in summer time might be nice with those endless Nordic summer days

  2. The Norwegian Fjords are pretty spectacular and were the first ones I visited, have since gone on and visited many more around the world. But Norway is a beautiful country and has so much to offer. On the same trip that I encountered their fjords I was also lucky enough to visit Spitzbergen an island belonging to Norway deep in the Artic circle its main town is called Longyearbyen(someone had a sense of humour!) and was a real eyeopener. It has almost constant light throughout the summer due to its position and is a great place to see wildlife including polar bears – unfortunately I never saw any. Its maybe not luxury but is worth a visit.

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