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Digital Detox

BlackberryTruth be told, 83% of us check email at least once a day while on vacation.   Stress levels plummet when guests find the courage to pull the plug on their self-inflicted wireless leashes.   So much so that savvy destinations are now encouraging guests to disconnect with special promotions like BlackBerry Detox and Isolation Vacation. Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers dares travelers to break the Blackberry habit and provides safe deposit boxes so you can lock up your portable gadgets.   To sweeten the deal, they offered a reward – a complimentary three-night stay plus dinner for two at the hotel’s famed Shula’s Steak House  – to the first person to successfully lock away their gadget for 48 hours.   All participants receive walking maps so they can actually see the city, as opposed to navigating Chicago’s streets in the head-down BlackBerry position. The Arawak Beach Inn on the posh island of Anguilla created the Isolation Vacation to help guests unplug and recharge.   Activities and amenities abound.   But without Internet access, TV, or phones, guests are forced to enjoy authentic island activities, including snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and a gourmet picnic on an uninhabited island.   Seven-night getaways from $999 per person, June through October. The real prize: Personally connecting with significant others, family, and friends who share their day-to-day lives with technology-addicted loved ones.   Denise Reynolds is a luxury lifestyle writer and author of Completely Fabulous.

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  1. I guess it’s horses for courses but I don’t like staying in any hotel without a high speed Internet connection in my room.

    Not getting my daily fix of doing the rounds to see what’s happening and what everyone is saying would be far more stressful for me.

  2. It would be nice to get away from everything sometimes, but the complete digital detox a la Tim Ferris is extremely hard to do for most modern travellers. We have families and businesses that are extremely important to us, sure its possible that they will be able to contact eventually if something goes completely wrong but it is not the same peace of mind as having the email or a phone with you, some may even say taking away communication could induce more stress which is not what we want while travelling.

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