$1 million holiday with Emirates Palace

The Telegraph details a $1 million  ‘special offer’ that’s currently being advertised by Emirates Palace.   For this price you get a week  in the luxurious Palace Suite at the hotel, along with first class flights from anywhere in the world.   You’ll also get a butler service, access to a chauffeur-driver Maybach and a choice of twelve restaurants.   But of course there’s more… at $1 million it doesn’t just stop there.

During their break, the guests will spend three separate days travelling on a private jet to different countries in the Middle East to experience exotic treats. The first excursion is to Iran, where guests will get the chance to create their own Persian carpet with the help of a leading local designer. Next comes a day trip to Jordan to visit the Dead Sea and an exclusive local spa.

But perhaps the highlight of the entire holiday is the visit to Bahrain for deep sea pearl diving. The pearls that are found on the day will then be hand designed with jewellery settings, which can be kept at the end of the week.

Now I always thought these kinds of offers were nothing more than a publicity stunt, but the hotel is confirming that they have already accepted two bookings for the package.

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  2. […] A Luxury Travel Blog:   $1 million holiday with Emirates Palace anyone?  […]

  3. Cleo says:

    I don’t want a rug. I’d like a gourmet food tour though.

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