Hebridean cancels all international cruises

I’ve just heard that the luxury cruise line Hebridean is cancelling all its international services with immediate effect.   The company’s largest vessel – the Hebriden Spirit which travelled worldwide – has been sold, and it appears they are suffering the effects of the recession. They are left with just one ship – the Hebridean Princess – which operates in Scotland‘s Western Isles. A statement on Hebridean’s website reads:

<blockquote>The line is in course of contacting all customers booked on future programmes of the vessel to offer a full refund or a transfer to a cruise aboard Hebridean Princess, the operation of which is not affected.</blockquote>

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  1. Erwin says:

    What a shame! I love luxury cruising,and all the staff and families that no doubt become affected when things like this occur..hmmmm personally it makes me kind of think now, ??…I wonder who bought the vessel? Maybe they should get one of the big Wall St Banks to invest their share of the bailout package into the Luxury cruise company just as a viable option tho get the ship sailing again and staff back to their jobs–stimulate the economy you know…well it was just a thought. (sigh)

  2. Matt Bamberg says:

    With the bad economy, I wonder if this trend will spread.

    Matt Bamberg

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  4. Kendal H says:

    Again, I stick to my opinion that the cruise industry is going to hurt. It just isnt as appealing anymore, as travel becomes less and less stressful due to technology, cruises are going to go the way of newspapers…

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