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Rayavadee, Krabi

Following a tip-off from one of our readers, I’ve taken a look at the ultra-luxury property of Rayavadee in Krabi, Thailand.   Accessible by boat from the mainland (how very James Bond!), this five star resort has previously escaped A Luxury Travel Blog‘s radar but looks to occupy  a stunning location on the edge of the Krabi Marine National Park. Overlooking the Andaman Sea, it is nestled in tropical gardens and coconut groves. As well as offering fine cuisine, there’s a relaxation spa with experienced therapists. Looks like an ideal spot for honeymooners.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Telegraph.

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  1. Good call! This place is epic. My favorite place in the world! It is actually on Railay Beach. Railay Beach is separated by East, and West Railay. (5 minute walk between the 2). Rayavadee is on the south side, and is private security patrolled.

  2. Good for honeymooners. Good for people who like beach holidays. Good for chillin’ out I suppose. Otherwise there’s not a lot to do. I like places with sights of historical or architectural interest. And shopping!

    Paul, I like the “my favourite place in the world” idea which Kendal H mentioned. Not sure yet what mine would be (probably beside my computer!) – might you want to pick up on the favourite place theme?

  3. Kay,

    Thats where you are very wrong! There is tons to do. There is world class rock climbing a 20 second walk away. There is amazing kayaking. You are a short boat ride to beautiful islands where you can snorkel and skuba dive. There are beautiful limestone caves and cliffs to explore and discover. There are amazing beaches to relax on. There are great mountains to hike up and get a breathtaking view. The restaurants are all amazing (typical amazing thai food). That being said, Thailand is not really known for its architectural interests. Thats what Europe is for. Personally, I can go on Flickr or blogs and see pictures of paintings or buildings, i dont need to stand in front of one to say Ive seen it. I cant do all of the things listed above through the internet.

  4. Spent 8 nights at Rayavadee over New Year in 2007 and couldnt wait to get away. The accomodation and the location is great but the service and food is not 5 star and there is absolutely nothing to do other than lay in the sun. If you are looking for culture this is not a great place to be.

  5. Everyone’s entitled to their views about what they like or not. Krabi’s not for me. Most of the activities you mention are for sporty people – yeah, I climbed years ago but don’t do it now. I’m surprised and interested to hear about the world class rock climbing there. I’ve never heard that mentioned before.

    Restaurants and Thai food? You’d get a bigger (and probably better) choice in Bangkok.

    As for Thailand not being good for architectural interest, I’m not with you at all. Thailand has a wealth of amazing structures.

    I don’t understand why you would say that Europe is the place to go for architectural interest. South East Asia is a photographer’s paradise, and for me that’s more interesting than lying on a beach on some remote island or doing some of these activities you suggest.

    But if you like Krabi, that’s fine. I hope you enjoy your next holiday there.

  6. Sorry, no disrespect :) I was respectfully disagreeing with me. Architectural interest to me is buildings, not landscape. Yes, Thailand is a photographers paradise for landscape, but at least in my opinion, not for buildings.

    As you stated, everyone has their own likes and dislikes of travel.

  7. LOL! No worries Kendal, but I’m still disagreeing with you. I’m a keen photographer and I find Thailand is a terrific place for it.

    Have a look at the photo in my link above and then tell me that Thai buildings aren’t interesting. ;-) Actually, that building isn’t even very old – it’s less than 30 years old.

    For buildings of historic interest, Penang is my favourite place. And Angkor Wat in Cambodia would combine your interests and mine – walking, clambouring about, exploring historic sites, and photography.

  8. No problem kay :) Your photos are spectacular. I am more of an experience person, than a capture person, so it is all personal preference.

  9. thats the beauty about travel is it not that we all like different things and experience places differently – would be a boring and crowded world if we all liked the same!

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