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Making your iPod more travel-proof: the Atlantic EGO iceBar2

iPods are built to a certain level of durability but they are not all that durable. They’re likely to suffer if you bash them or drop them in the lavatory (apparently this happens with mobile phones a lot, so I suspect it could also do so with iPods!). The Atlantic EGO iceBar2 is the ideal solution if you’re wanting to give your iPod a little more durability, and so perhaps ideal for those who travel. It’s a shatterproof case that will protect your iPod not only from wear and tear, but also water.   You can  take it in the shower or hot tub, or even swimming… it’s waterproof to a depth of up to 3 metres.  Apparently it’s even bulletproof!

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. I dont go anywhere without my ipod. Nowhere. This would be tremendous for the beach. I cant tell you how many ipod speakers I have gone through because of sand on the beach. I should just invest in this once and for all! The swimming accessory is ideal as well

  2. These would be great for the hotel room although most luxury hotels are now providing ipod docking stations in rooms. I’m not so sure i would require them for swimming.

  3. My only concern with swimming is how you clip it to your bathing suit, and how you can ensure that the friction from the water doesnt rip it off, or rip the earphones out of your ears.

  4. Also I love the peacefulness of swimming – no need for music. But love a little bit of ipod action on occasion when lying sunbathing.

  5. Agreed. I have had so many instant beach parties, where beer, and some guitars and a docking station turns into an impromptu karaoke/concert!

  6. Now that is awesome. I love my IPOD and have two. i use my big one all the time. I looked at getting a docking station, this would be a great one to have

  7. I looked into waterproof cases for ipods when we got into wakeboarding but it was pointed out you couldn’t use them anyway as it was unsafe in case you needed to be shouted at! I think this is true in general, would you really want to take it swimming? I like a bit of quiet on holiday! Having said that my husband has cracked his ipod twice skiing and his speakers have suffered a bit from sand creeping in so maybe there is a market out there just not for me!

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