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3 great places to learn to cook like a true Italian

MasseriaWant to cook like a true Italian? Take a course at one of these luxury hotels and soon you’ll be throwing the most popular dinner parties in town. L’Andana, Tuscany: Chef Christophe Martin teaches culinary secrets from the Maremma region; there’s also a Michelin-starred restaurant. Villa Pitiana, Tuscany: The cookery school takes place in a beautifully restored monastery kitchen and focuses on local rustic cuisine. Masseria Torre Maizza, Puglia: Visit the markets of Monopoli with the chef and return to the old stables where you’ll be taught how to prepare regional specialities, including fresh pasta and panzerotti in the wood-fired oven.

Paul Johnson

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  1. There are also many exceptional cooking tours in Italy that offer courses from the best gourmet chefs and restaurants that the country has to offer. These tours can span several cities and days, offering classes and workshops on Italian cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes. A few that I’ve heard of are The International Kitchen and Gourmet Safari. Those who are looking to learn about authentic Italian cooking and cuisine should definitely check these options out.

    In particular, some companies will also combine their tours so that vacationers can get the best of all worlds with history, architecture, vineyard and cooking tours. I suggest checking with a local Italy tour company to see if they offer combined tours.

  2. What a great idea for a vacation! I like the idea of visiting the markets with the chef and then returning to learn the cooking.

  3. I would love to do a cookery course in italy and these ones sound amazing. it would be great to cook italian dishes properly.

  4. My friends and I learn to cook like a true Italian every spring at Castello de Proceno in Lazio. Pucci (the owner) has us cooking in the castle’s kitchen while Rocky (the Lassie look-a-like dog) lays under the table. Prosecco usually rounds out the lesson!
    And…all for half the price of “luxury” venues.

  5. What a great treat it would be to learn to make pasta in Italy, would be a brilliant experience!

  6. If you want to learn how to make “tagliatelle” or “fettuccine” (to us italians these two names are almost the same, there is no real difference) don’t waste you money with famous chefs and restaurants. Almost nobody there can make real tagliatelle completely by hand! Only our grandmums know how to make real tagliatelle! Look at this video on youtube:

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