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Where Prince William proposed…

With all eyes on the Royal couple following the announcement of their engagement, many people are asking when the wedding will be, where the ceremony will be held and where Prince William and Kate Middleton will honeymoon.  Here I’ve taken a step back to bring you details of where they got engaged. Rutundu is the mountain log cabin where it all happened. (In fact, the proposal took place actually by Lake Alice – about a 45 minute walk from the cabin.) Rutundu can be found on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Very remote, very romantic and very James Bond. You get a chopper in and then stay in the secluded cabin, hiking and fishing in the nearby Lake Alice. Images also will show this very clearly. This one is very off the beaten track and only for those in the know. Located on the edge of Lake Rutundu, overlooking the north-eastern face of Mount Kenya, these rustic yet chic cabins are the perfect mid-safari break or escape from the bustle of Nairobi. The elevation (10,200ft) results in vegetation and wildlife entirely unique to the area. Activities include: Walking: The area surrounding Rutundu is a paradise for those who love nature and hiking. We are currently finding and creating the best trails in the area. There is a beautiful walk around Lake Alice through giant groundsel and heather forests. In contrast to this moorland terrain, the Cedar and Podo forest, half an hour’s drive below Rutundu, is full of lovely walks and beautiful spots to have a picnic. Fishing: Lake Rutundu and Lake Alice, a 2-hour walk further up the mountain, are stocked with rainbow trout and provide excellent opportunities for fishing. The average catch is 2-3lbs with larger fish reaching up to 6lbs. A boat/punt is provided and there are three casting platforms. Previous fly-fishing experience is not necessary. Next to Lake Rutundu is the Kizita River Gorge, a crystal clear river with small brown trout to catch. Please read the ‘fishing rules’ displayed in the sitting room. Bird watching: Rutundu’s unique location allows for ample opportunities for birdwatchers, and most mornings scarlet- tufted malachite sunbirds (Nectarinia Johnstoni) are seen from the breakfast table. Horse riding: There is an option of riding to Rutundu from the neighbouring Kisima Farm, across the moorland and all the way up to Rutundu. Overnight stays are advisable for this trip as the ride takes at least four hours. The horses are well- schooled polo ponies and you need to be an experienced rider. Rates start at just $300 a night as this is an adventure. You catch the fish and the staff cook it up for you – lots of fun!

Paul Johnson

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  1. You wouldn’t have expected it to be a particularly romantic place to propose, but I know a couple who went on a safari for their honeymoon :) so there must be something in it…

  2. I guess when you are so much in the public eye anywhere secluded would be the most romantic place of all!

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