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Four of the world’s most luxurious trains

If you enjoy all things luxurious and are particularly inclined to luxury air travel, you will be glad to know that luxury train travel boasts many advantages over traditional luxury air travel such as gorgeous scenic views, less monotony, ample space, spacious amenities, comfortable sleeping areas and bathrooms. There is no doubt that the plane is the fastest mode of transport out there, and it’s also true that a plane offers stunning panoramic views. Having said this, the amazing plane’s window views do not last long as they are often broken by the view of clouds, whereas on a train ride you can relish scenic views en route. Luxury train travel has truly come a long way and its popularity is on the up-trend. If you’ve never had the pleasure to enjoy a luxury train ride and are wondering about the world’s most luxurious trains, below we have a list of the most popular luxury train tour operators in the world. Trans-Siberian Express The Trans-Siberian Express is one of the largest and most famous luxury train operators in the world. A luxury ride on the Trans-Siberian Express means embarking on a journey spanning Russia and the Far East and crossing over several time zones. India’s Palace on Wheels India’s Palace on Wheels, is one of the world’s most luxurious trains and its renowned for its luxury coaches and amazing décor, which represent the opulent and rich heritage of India. British Pullman Luxury train rides do not come as fascinating and historic as the novelty British Pullman trains. British Pullman trains boast stunning vintage carriages that retain the grandeur and quaint art deco of early 1930s British trains. Rocky Mountaineer Rocky Mountaineer is one of the most scenic and luxurious train rides in the world which journey takes you through the memorable Canadian Rockies while taking in stunning natural sights. James Jones is a travel writer for My Travel Guide Posts. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I would very much like to travel through Canada by train, I am confident it would be a wonderful experience.

    The India trip sounds very interesting also.

    Unless you are flying First, Trains are usually far more comfortable although a lot slower.

  2. Trans Siberian… luxury!? I’ve heard stories of it being very basic and you had to buy some very questionable food on cold Siberian station platforms. Or do they have luxury sleeper cars too?

  3. Aurora I have done the rocky mountaineer and it was quite spectacular the scenary was amazing and it was a fabulous experience. i can certainly recommend.

  4. Cant believe you have left out Venice Simplon Orient Express while talking about World’s Most Luxurious journey. I know its very difficult to choose 4 out of so many. Further I would have included Maharajas Express over the Palace on Wheels. Unarguably, Palace on Wheels is the most revered luxury train in India, but when it comes to luxury and panache together with world class amenities and traditional Indian hospitality Maharajas Express, the latest in India, definitely scores over the Palace on Wheels. Put that’s my personal observation, like I said its very difficult to choose just 4 from so many. Wikipedia has an interesting article though on Luxury trains around the world. Luxury Tourist Trains Around the World

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