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The Zermatt shuttle

The Zermatt shuttle

One of the great things about living in Zermatt is that it’s a car free town. You can own a car here but you can only drive to the car parks positioned on the periphery of town. The mode of transport in the town itself is electric taxi or electric bus. They are both very […]

The Glacier Express

The Glacier Express

As much as I like to travel by train, I’d more often than not want to get to my destination quickly, without delay. I’ll occasionally glance out of the window and watch the countryside go by but usually I take the opportunity to do work on my laptop or phone and use the train as […]

6 luxurious trains that'll spoil you

6 luxurious trains that’ll spoil you

Trains are one of the oldest means of long-distance travel. They do a good job of providing an uncluttered, simple and straightforward travel experience where the problems are few and the advantages many. However, for those of us who’d like a touch of sophistication added to this seemingly simple mode of transport, what are the […]

Scenic train journeys in the Lake District

Scenic train journeys in the Lake District

There are several scenic train journeys that take you an alternative tour of the Lake District. Pass through England’s highest mountain range and some of the oldest landscapes in Britain aboard a miniature narrow-gauge Steam Train. Wind your way between Ye Olde hamlets, where white-washed cottages with pretty gardens are clustered around merry traditional pubs. […]

Asia's 10 most beautiful train journeys

Asia’s 10 most beautiful train journeys

An atmospheric train ride is second to none. The perfect way to get to know a country’s landscapes and customs, train trips transform perfunctory journey time into an experience in itself. There are myriad fantastic routes across Asia to choose from, ranging from the more upscale first-class carriages to those which are more basic, but […]

10 of the best accommodation views along the Garden Route

10 of the best accommodation views along the Garden Route

South Africa is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries on earth, largely owing to its diverse landscapes. And there is no better place that brings together the country’s landscapes than the Garden Route. Officially stretching from Mossel Bay to Tsitsikamma, the route also features many other destinations on both of its ends, making it […]

5 must dos on the Napa Valley wine train

5 must dos on the Napa Valley wine train

I was absolutely delighted when I heard that the Napa Valley had its very own wine train and that it utilized classic Pullman carriages! What a fabulous way to spend a day in the stunning Napa Valley! The wine train offers a range of different journeys from evening to day, themed to unthemed, with and […]

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

5 of the most memorable steam train journeys around the world

The great puffs of steam, the deep chug of the engine and the screech of the whistle as your train pulls out of the station. The romance of a steam train journey never fades, and it’s the same wherever you go. Here we’ve put together some of the most memorable steam train journeys you can […]

Belmond Andean Explorer culture

Explore Peru’s awesome, majestic landscape in Orient Express style

Now you can explore Peru’s awesome, majestic landscape in Orient Express style. Belmond, the company who created the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express have launched a new legend: the Belmond Andean Explorer. The first luxury sleeper train to travel through a part of South America offers a truly unique way to discover some of Peru’s most notable landmarks. […]

Majestic luxury train ride Alps

A must for your bucket list: The Glacier Express

Never has the old adage, It’s better to travel, than to arrive, been more apt. As beautiful as the resorts of St Moritz and Zermatt are, the journey that links these two Swiss jewels, The Glacier Express, surely proves beyond doubt that it’s the journey, not the destination. The Glacier Express is an eight hour […]

Shiki Shima dome room

Is this the most luxurious train journey in the world?

Could this incredible train journey, which is filled with discoveries and experiences, like you’ve never known before, be the most luxurious train journey in the world? From glass-encased observation cars, you can breathe in the eternal aesthetic beauty of North Eastern Japan’s countryside. If you fancy it, you will need to apply soon, as the […]

5 of the world's most extravagant luxury vacations

5 of the world’s most extravagant luxury vacations

Are your luxury travel experiences just not luxurious enough? For those where money is absolutely no object, there are some truly exceptional – not to mention eye-wateringly expensive – options to consider. We spoke to our friends at to find out the most extravagant luxury trips in the world. Here are five of the […]

Top 5 luxury activities to inspire you in Ireland

Top 5 luxury activities to inspire you in Ireland

Are you looking for something a little different while in Ireland? We have all enjoyed the obvious luxury getaways. Indulgent buffet breakfasts in a massive 5-star  hotel followed by some shopping, cocktails and a fantastic dinner. While this will never get old, our adventurous side needs to be entertained also. Ireland is topping the polls […]

Maharajas Express

India’s 3 best luxury trains

Journeying through India can be a heady mix of dust, noise and crowds. Step on board a train and you enter a world of attentive service, gilded dining cars and parlour games in the bar. Once only used by maharajas and dignitaries, a selection of trains now run itineraries from three to seven nights to […]

10 fabulous Alpine luxury ski resorts you can visit by train

10 fabulous Alpine luxury ski resorts you can visit by train

If someone ever invents a teleport machine, it’s going to be an instant hit with skiers. As you might well know, even when you fly, what looks like a short hop on paper can take the best part of a day – once you factor in tedious queuing and airport transfers. It might come as […]

Craftsman in Fez, Morocco

5 travel experiences you didn’t know existed

Much of the joy of travel stems from experiencing something new, stumbling upon the unexpected and seeing a place in a new light. While seeing iconic sites is all part of your journey, the best memories often come from trying things that are out of the ordinary. Here, we’ve listed five experiences that you may […]

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