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The latest pampering craze… fish pedicure anyone?

Instead of having your feet scrubbed to get rid of dead skin cells, how about a fish pedicure?  This is a practice that first became popular in Turkey before moving to other parts of Asia and on to the US where fish feed on the dead skins cells on your feet.  Supposedly, it’s therapeutic although most people trying it seem to describe a mildly uncomfortable tickling sensation.  Here’s various pieces of footage for you to ‘enjoy’. Singapore Airport:
YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video
Meanwhile, others are questioning the safety of such a treatment. See the BBC article here. If faced with the opportunity, would it be something you’d try?

Paul Johnson

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  1. Interesting regarding the BBC article. I recently had fishies nibble my feet during a fish pedicure in Thailand. I definitely felt the tingly/tickling/vibratory sensation. I also had fish nibble at my feet while snorkeling @ the Phi Phi islands.

  2. There is loads of these fish on one beach that I know in Turkey. It is in Kadikalesi which is near to Turgutries on the Bodrum peninsular. It is very specific to a certain beach which is just by the AVTA tatil Koy. I was there last summer and have included a website which sells the AVTA holidays. However they dont mention these fish! But definetly worth checking the beach out.

  3. This is spread all over Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, etc. I had a session while in Chiang Mai and I must say your skin really does feel smooth and soft after just 1 session. You got to try.

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