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Have a whale of a time on a Cape Town whale watching tour

For nature-lovers or adventure enthusiasts, trying a Cape Town whale watching tour offers the unforgettable experience of seeing majestic Southern right whales up close and personal. Whale season in the Cape is during the months of August to early November. During this time, many whales come into the bays and coastal areas to breed and calve, and can be seen from shore or from boat. While you will often get a brief sighting in many coastal areas within the city, the best whale watching can be enjoyed along the Whale Route, particularly in the town of Hermanus in the Garden Route. Some of the many things that you will learn on a Cape Town Whale Route Tour include the following:
  • Learn about Southern right whales – these whales were given their name by whalers back in the Cape’s whaling industry years. The name implies that these huge whales were the best type of whale to hunt, due to their size and the amount of whale meat that each one provided. Commercial banning has been banned in almost every country for the past 20 years, but even today Southern right whales and many other whale species are listed as endangered, with only 3000 Southern right whales left in our oceans.
  • Watch fascinating whale behaviour – the sight of a massive ocean giant breaching out of the water is one you will never forget, and this is just one such behaviour you will see on a Cape Town Whale Route Tour. Other behaviour you will see is sailing, which is when whales use their flukes to catch the wind. This is thought to be a form of play.
  • Try a boat trip to get a closer look – those who wish to get close to these gentle giants can try a boat trip that takes you out as close as possible to whales that are seen in the bays. You will also get the chance to enjoy beautiful coastal views, and other marine life such as Cape fur seals and sea birds.
  • Enjoy land-based whale watching – there are fantastic walkways and paths in Hermanus that offer the perfect place to view whales from the shore. The town even boasts its own Whale Crier, who alerts spectators whenever there are whales in the bay. You may even get to see whale behaviour such as breaching from this vantage point, which is a highlight on any Cape Town Whale Route Tour.
  • Explore the town of Hermanus – along with its prime whale watching opportunities, the town of Hermanus has a lot of attractions and activities to offer. There is a nature reserve situated close by, along with warm beaches, abseiling, paragliding and many other pursuits. The town also has a lively town square, which often has marimba bands playing, along with restaurants, takeaways, shops and other facilities.
Garden Route drives – another highlight on any whale route tour is the drive from the city of Cape Town into the town of Hermanus. The long stretch of coastal road that comprises of the Garden Route runs across many picturesque coastal towns, as far as Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. The views are magnificent, with endless stretches of ocean on one side and mountain on the other. This adds to the final touch to your Cape Town Whale Route Tour. Neil Dilgee is Marketing Manager at African Eagle Day Tours. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Neil Dilgee

Neil Dilgee is Marketing Manager at African Eagle Day Tours

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  1. Whales are easily sighted in the spring off the shores of Cape Town. The whales migrate annualy from the Antartic to mate in the warmer waters of South Africa in spring. False Bay, Cape Town, presents great opportunities for viewing whales from the road which follows the shore line through the quaint coastal villages.

    This time of the year is known as the “secret season” of Cape Town because acccommodation rates are low and there are fewer tourists.

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