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4 places to inject culture into your hen party

The stories of cheeky, giggling hen parties adorned with bunny ears and naughty necklaces are numerous. However, what about the calm brides-to-be in search of culture and serenity? A few suggestions of striking locations are as follows: Ljubljana This remarkable city fuses Italy with Eastern Europe, creating a delectable cornucopia of historic monuments, poetic streets and leisurely walks. Artists line the promenades, children play on the quaint bridges and bells ring in the vividly-coloured churches. Background to this activity are the breathtaking Alps and the ancient Ljubljana castle, protecting this gem from the world. If you take your hen party here you’re guaranteed a vibrant, eventful time with your best friends. Explore the Old Town, indulge in some wine tasting and discover the scenic Tivoli Park. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be something different that none of you will forget. Gothenburg This majestic Scandinavian city is just being discovered by the world and offers miles of coastline dotted with thousands of islands, known for their sculptured rocks, quaint fishing villages and seafaring lifestyles. Gothenburg itself is awe-inspiring; the golden sunsets, the lull of boats on the still waters, the stunning Liseberg Park. Hike up wild hills for spectacular sea-views, admire the traditional tea-carts that are scattered around the parks and take to the waves with some time-honoured deep sea fishing. Experience the paradise of the Bohuslan coast, which stretches all the way to Norway and enjoys idyllic sands and unspoiled villages. Dive right into the colourful city; spend your hen party enjoying friendly locals, magnificent sights and wonderful activities. Budapest Two harmonious halves make up this wonderful Hungarian city; Buda and Pest are split by the magnificent River Danube. Together they make a city that is cited as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and for good reason. Despite this attention the city still remains attractive and unspoilt, having recovered from centuries of destructive wars and swift rebuilds. The natural thermal baths are a popular sight in Budapest and offer thoroughly enchanting bathing for visitors and locals alike. In Autumn they are a sight to see; the hot steam billows through the air while intricate fountains rise from the waters and people lay back, shut their eyes and relax. The cuisine in Budapest is equally enchanting, with an eclectic range of quality offerings, from sushi to goulash to exotic platters. Fill your hen weekend with canoeing on the River Danube, tasting the exciting cuisines and exploring the medieval Castle District. Tallinn Not the first thought for a hen weekend away, Tallinn is a fairytale town of twisting spires, colourful turrets and vivid woodlands. The Old Town is UNESCO World-Heritage listed which already hints at the beauty in store for visitors; its network of cobbled streets, pastel-coloured houses and medieval alleyways make for a striking mix of old and new. On your hen party explore the city’s many old churches and numerous museums for a taste of Tallinn’s history before exploring the serene countryside and coastline, both vulnerable with an untouched fragility. If you’re looking for an activity that all the hen party will enjoy then discover Tallinn’s infra-red sauna: it’s something a little different that’s also healthy as it helps to remove toxins from your body. From quaint seaside towns to historic cobbled passageways, there are a multitude of wonderful cities waiting to be discovered on your hen party which are beautiful, tantalizing and one-of-a-kind. Jon Stainer is Creative Director at GoHen. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. These are great and unique destination ideas! do you have any in North America? We need ideas for our site that plans hen dos.

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