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5 things you must see on a luxury Tanzanian safari

A wildlife safari is the holiday of a lifetime, and not one you’re likely to repeat again and again every year. If you’re headed to Tanzania, or even just thinking about it, then you’re in for an amazing time packed full of unforgettable experiences and memories that will stay with you forever. Here are a handful of the best ways in which to spend your luxury safari holiday time. 1. Fly on a light aircraft to a remote camp Nothing compares to flying into your luxury safari camp in a light aircraft, watching the herds of giraffe scattering below as you come into land in the depths of the African bush. 2. Take a walk on the wild side Don’t just restrict your safari time to driving around in a jeep. While it might seem a bit boring on the surface of it, taking a walking safari is time well spent. Wake up early and learn to tread lightly as you follow your guide through the undergrowth to try and spot birds and wildlife as naturally as possible. It’ll also give you the chance to really appreciate the details of your surroundings; the plants, butterflies, scents and sights you just can’t see from a 4×4. Selous Impala Camp does a great series of guided walks. 3. Explore Stone Town Historical Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar City and while you’re on safari primarily to see wildlife and appreciate the natural world, you’d be missing out if you didn’t at least take a stroll around this atmospheric place. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, parts of Stone Town date back to the 19th century, and there are many old buildings to explore as well as the buzzing markets and narrow, winding streets. 4. Watch turtles hatching If you are in Tanzania at the right time of year, then it is well worth spending a few days on the coast to try and spot the new clutches of tiny turtles burrowing out of the sands and bravely heading for the sea. It’s an amazing piece of nature in action and is something that has been happening here for 150 million years. The best months in which to try and experience this natural wonder are from June until September. Mafia and Pangani are two of the best spots on the coast, well known for their large green turtle nesting sites. You can watch from dry land and also head underwater to explore the near shore reefs with a mask and snorkel. 5. Catch the call to prayer at Dar Es Salaam Dar Es Salaam is Tanzania’s biggest city and economic centre, although it is no longer the official capital. It’s the best place to fly into if you’re headed off on safari, but if you have time then it’s worth spending a day here, soaking up the sights and sounds. Find a central spot for the evening call to prayer, when you’ll hear the muezzins enchanting voices echo around the city. Alexandra Matts is a Director at Exsus. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. If you’re already on a safari trip in Tanzania why not spend some time with local people and learn their culture? The Tanzanian people are more fascinating culturally and very welcoming and approachable individuals who are always ready to share information, offer guidelines to visitors. Touring Tanzania for culture is interestingly great as it encompasses more than 150+ ethnic groups. There is plenty of traditional food, cultural practices that one enjoys within the boundaries. Hike with local tribesmen, brew Local beer (Dengeluwa), learn traditional medicine. Study Masai culture enjoy their dance and jump with their men. Even a brief immersion in Tanzanian culture can spice up any safari!

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