The world's most expensive RV

At $3 million, the eleMMent PALAZZO is the world’s most expensive recreational vehicle. It unites characteristics from motor, yachting and aviation sports such as a sports car rear diffuser, the business jet gang way or the motor yacht flybridge. The interior is just as extravagant as its owner: minimalistic and modern shapes fused with classy and antique design elements embedded in timeless ambiance.

Produced by the Austrian company Marchi Mobile, this luxury mobile home has a master bedroom with its own bathroom and a fully liftable flybridge lounge that enables you to relax on your rooftop. You can even transform the lounge area at the push of a button into stylish bar furniture.

Once in camper mode, the RV’s living space increases from 430 square feet to 774 square feet. This vehicle even glows in the dark to help you stand out… afterall, you wouldn’t want to be making an insurance claim on this beauty.

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  1. Larry Wood says:

    I think if I had the three million to buy this, I’d pass…. Perhaps I would just spend $500,000 on a new coach and use the remaining $2.5 million to buy diesel fuel!

  2. Thelma Thompson says:

    I think I would really prefer Will Smiths Motorhome and I believe it is just about equily as expensive and a lot better looking

  3. Juli N says:

    This RV has a lot of amenities. However, it’s an expensive eyesore. I’d much rather find a less expensive model and use the extra monies for other expenses such as fuel. Any other monies would be invested and/or given to various charities.

  4. John E says:

    Different strokes for different folks and I’d guess this goes into the different folks category :))
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. SALLYRYDE says:

    Where I live that RV couldn’t get across town without being pulled over a dozen times. I’d like to see the console with all the cool gadgets it must have; and I’d also like to see how it lights up at night on the road. Can you imagine having that type of money? OMG.

  6. Mary says:

    This has got to be the ugliest motor home i think i have ever seen. In the first place in my mind anything over 200,000 is a waste anyway. I can not understand spending that kind of money except to show that u can. Does it turn into a swan? Ugly in this case is just plain ugly.

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