A record day for A Luxury Travel Blog

I’m pleased to report that traffic is booming on A Luxury Travel Blog at the moment and we enjoyed a day of record traffic yesterday. Sundays are typically less popular days on the site but instead we received 6,394 visits, significantly up from the previous record day of 4,988 visits from Monday 19th November 2012. Thank you all for your support and interest in the site!

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    That is awesome… Congrats! I hope one day I can achieve similar records. Since when have you been blogging?

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    This blog began in December 2005.

  3. Way to go Paul! And congrats on the feat. The numbers reflect the quality of content, relevance of topic and your persistent effort to offer something valuable to your audience.

  4. Tudor Davies says:

    Where did the traffic come from? Google or Social Media? It might have something to do with your pervious blog “10 great reasons to go and see the Chinese State Circus”. It seems to have a lot of social shares, perhaps people responded to the images. There’s some good shots there of the circus.

  5. Paul Johnson says:

    It came from a combination of Google and social media, but mostly the latter (which is where a lot of our traffic comes from anyway).

    I wouldn’t put it down to the post you highlight. We have many that are MUCH more popular than that one, with 10 or 20 times that number of shares…

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