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4 of the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast

Visiting the Amalfi Coast is decadence itself. It is the place to visit if you like swimming in sparkling bays, strolling around romantic fishing villages, eating incredible food and soaking up stunning scenery. Having spent the majority of the last 20 years on the Italian coast I feel ready to share my knowledge about the best places to visit. Capri Capri is one of the most exclusive islands in the Mediterranean, with a magical atmosphere. Combine it with the breathtaking Amalfi Coast for the complete luxury experience. Beautiful islands, rich classical heritage and excellent restaurants. My highlights would include a private visit to Capri’s Blue Grotto, and a trip to Anacapri for a spectacular view of the whole island – take the chair lift up to Monte Solaro. For fine dining, Panta Rei, the most exclusive club on Capri, has a top restaurant and great spa. But if you are looking for a more traditional meal, Da Paolino is one of the most famous classical Italian restaurants on the island. Positano On the mainland, the steep cliffs of the Amalfi Coast are terraced with lemon groves, and whitewashed villas cling precariously to the slopes. Positano became a jet-set resort in the 1950s and has good choices for dining as well as excellent boutiques. Don’t miss the Quattro Passi restaurant in Marina del Cantone, on the way to Positano, or Il San Pietro in Positano itself. Ravello Ravello, perched high above the Amalfi Coast offers amazing views as well as a world famous classical music festival. Palazzo Sasso in Ravello has 2 Michelin stars, while Don Alfonso near Sorrento serves home grown organic food in a wonderful setting. Ponza My favourite anchorage is on Ponza – one of the most beautiful islands in the entire Mediterranean. The town is a completely authentic, unpretentious Italian port, a great place to sit at a waterfront café and watch the world go by. The water is spectacularly blue and a boat ride to explore the grottoes in a tender is a treat. Early or late summer is the best times to visit the stunning Amalfi Coast, embarking and disembarking in Naples. Give yourself a week or 10 days to explore, but allow more time for longer charters to include the magical Lipari (Aeolian) Islands to the south and on down to Sicily. You would need a couple of weeks or more for this, but it’s highly recommended if you have the time. Neil Hornsby is Group Charter Director, London, of Burgess. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Ponza is indeed an absolute delight. Half a century ago, it was still virtually undiscovered, but now it is full of life in the season. The boat trip around both Ponza and the nearby uninhabited isle of Palmarola is exquisite. There is also a local bus that runs along the only road on the island, effectively in a loop, so you get a tour looking down on the cliffs, beaches and houses perched in unlikely places, all for a very modest price. The same cannot be said for the restaurants, although some are cheaper than others, and the fried fish is lip-smackingly good.

    Ponza is not especially geological sound, so it may be wise to plan a visit sooner rather than later, in case the best bits are declared out of bounds.

  2. Has visited all apart from Ponza and can confirm they ate all beautiful individual places that are a must to see

    Agree with Veru that Ponza isn’t on the Amalfi coast.

  3. There is a boat you can take that stops in several Amalfi Coast towns and brings you to Capri and back for a day trip, so I’ll let Isola Capri slip as far as being on the Amalfi Coast.
    But, although Ponza sounds like a fantastic place to visit, I must take exception with Isola di Ponza being included here. There are lots of places along the Amalfi Coast that could take its place on this list.


  4. As Veru previously said Ponza has nothing to do with The Amalfi Coast. Capri and Ischia are the 2 Island to visit.
    Regarding locations to visit you forgot to mention Amalfi which is absolutely delightful

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