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Top tips on how to make an Alpine activity holiday ‘luxury’!

The attraction of an alpine activity holiday is evident – lots of fun and adventure and memorable bonding experiences to be shared between family and friends in the fresh air and beautiful mountains! Take that experience to the next level and do it in luxury. Make every activity a special one with all the trimmings to accentuate and pamper your emotions and appreciate your surroundings! Be comfortable After a day of fresh air and exercise in the mountains, your body will revel in the relaxation of a gentle swim, jacuzzi or massage and with your appetite acutely sharpened by the excessive burning of calories, a gourmet meal will be even more appreciated. You deserve this excess and can swallow every mouthful of deliciousness with no guilt!! Outside hottub There are plenty of luxury chalets, hotels and guest houses in the Alps, varyingly equipped with saunas, spas, massage services, panoramic views, situated in quiet mountain hamlets and /or serving gourmet food. Decide what is most important to you. What little luxuries are going to make the biggest difference to your experience? Avoid unnecessary stress Your activities are your adrenalin fix and each hit should be savoured! Don’t exhaust yourself by trying to pack too much in. You need time to recover after each adventure to let your body and mind take in and appreciate what you’ve just done and prepare for your next challenge! You want quality not quantity! For a week, four or five activities are perfect and will leave you enough free time to relax, visit markets, lakes and go for the odd stroll in between adventures. Even if you don’t do any of those things, the spare time can always be whiled away with an extra congratulatory drink admiring the view and enjoying the feeling of achievement and consolidating your emotions!  You will appreciate your adventures all the more! Choose a variety of activities that will be fun and challenging without pushing you over the limit! Scaring yourself to death is not fun. You know your boundaries and how far you can push them! Climbing For ultimate luxury you can book a private guide rather than join a group. This ensures that your activity is tailor made and adapted for you and only you! Although sometimes joining a group is quite reassuring and more fun – this is a personal choice! Always leave more time than in the schedule to get to places. That way you can stop for photos, drive like a tourist and still arrive at your activity on time without the stress of a time limit! Save time A multi activity holiday by definition will tend to involve several different activity providers and can require some logistical gymnastics both in the planning stage and in making sure nothing goes wrong during your holiday. You only need one bad weather day to throw your whole program out of sync! Luxury chalet Time is precious and there is nothing worse than spending hours trawling the internet trying to piece together a complicated itinerary that you are not even sure is practically possible! Even if you achieve this planning feat, your precious holiday time can easily get eaten away by logistical problems. There are lots of independent companies who specialize in multi activity holidays. Using a company like this will cost more than if you organize your own holiday but the time and hassle they will save you is priceless. You can experience all the benefits of an independent tailormade activity holiday without even having to do any of the research, planning or work yourself – now that really is luxury!! Sally Guillaume is Director at Undiscovered Alps. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Sally Guillaume

Sally is the owner and director of Undiscovered Mountains, who specialise in multi activity and adventure holidays in the Alps.

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