The latest luxury travel craze of glouchsurfing - staying in the homes of the rich and famous for free!

You’ve probably already heard of the term ‘glamping’, used to refer to camping in relative luxury – a merging of the terms ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. But have you heard about glouchsurfing? Probably not. This is the new craze that’s been taking the luxury travel industry by storm – and with good reason.


Now, in case you didn’t already know… couchsurfing has been around for some time. It’s a community of like-minded travellers and hosts who open up their homes to one another, allowing them to sleep in the spare room, on the floor or, of course, on the couch, usually just for a few days at a time before they move on to the next place. With a free bed for the night assured, this allows people operating on modest budgets to travel for an extended period.

Typically, the accommodation is often basic at best, but that looks set to change with glamorous couchsurfing, or ‘glouchsurfing’ as it is better known. A new wave of uber-wealthy homeowners are opening up their grand mansions, luxury penthouse apartments, historic chateaux and fine palaces all over the world.

Staying in the homes of the rich and famous for free might sound like a dream come true. For many, though, it is set to become a reality. Billionaire heiress Avril Le Fou opened the doors of her palatial abode on the outskirts of Paris to me only last week so that I could see what glouchsurfing was all about and sample it for myself.


Or rather, her butler opened the door. I had been met at Paris CDG airport by Avril’s chauffeur and driven in a Phantom Rolls Royce through vineyards and beautiful French countryside before reaching the private wrought-iron gated entrance of Avril’s 12,000-acre estate. As we travelled up the driveway, I was presented with a beautiful property with a 17th Century French facade and greeted by the butler with a glass of the finest Champagne. My bags were taken to my room with a beautiful four poster bed built of late Medieval oak.


You might well ask why the wealthy are doing this and the reasons can be multi-faceted. One common reason is loneliness. Hosts might have grand homes but sometimes have nobody to share them with. Inviting travellers through the doors gives them company. Another reason is that the owners often have multiple abodes and like to keep the domestic staff busy when they are not home. There’s often a skilled team of kitchen staff, for instance, that would be left ‘twiddling their thumbs’ if they didn’t have dishes to prepare (and – oh yes – with glouchsurfing gourmet meals to rival even the finest Michelin-starred restaurants are invariably included). Keeping staff occupied ensures they remain ‘on the ball’ with their respective duties and continue to hone their skills for when the owner returns.


Luxury hotels all over the world will no doubt be worried about the potential impact that glouchsurfing is likely to have upon their businesses… what do you think the impact will be? Please tell us in the comments!

Also, if you want to know more about glouchsurfing and how you can travel in luxury at no cost, then please make sure you leave a comment below detailing why you think you should be eligible to have access to the all-new glouchsurfing database of the world’s finest homes that are opening their doors, and you too could be travelling the world in style… for free!

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  1. Paul Johnson says:

    I hate to break this to you all, but this *was* an April Fool… :)

  2. Daniela Ivanova says:

    Thanks for sharing the fantastic idea! Impact could be expected for sure! I am a nomadic soul and this is just for me. The opportunity to visit fantastic places and to share life experience with rich and famous people sounds just like an interesting novel. I would love to be part of such a novel!

  3. Ursula says:

    I find this article fascinating because not only are these people humble and generous, but we can learn from each other different experiences and stories that money can’t buy.

    I have always travel on a budget and now with my child has forced me to limit on my adventures. I have managed to travel with him for a little bit but definitely knowing that you can save up in housing is a big help.

    Thanks for sharing and hopefully is not an April fools day joke.


  4. Evelyn Untal says:

    Wow! this is a fantastic idea! This is the opportunity to learn not just the sights but the culture, the warmth, the people itself and the lifestyle. It is definitely what a real “traveling” means all about! Please keep on giving us more info and insights!Imagine how good this will be to all knowing each one’s story, of each people,the culture,lifestyle, the warmth , their homes, how they get to live, how they earn it etc… it’s going to be inspirational! Our world is going up to open up with each other! wow how great that would be! Spreading the light and love, the openness, learning and knowing the culture, living the lifestyle!

  5. april's fool says:

    Folks, as Paul stated – it’s a joke. and apparently he fooled a lot of you. It’s a nice concept but can you really see rich people opening their expensive mansions to everyone? Think of the liability.

  6. ilene miller says:

    I would love to glouchsurf and believe I would be a great candidate! I am 34 years old and I have had a pretty difficult past few years battling depression. But, I wasn’t willing to be defeated by it and I fought for my happiness, by tooth and mail, on a daily basis. And on the other side of this fight, I have now found happiness, peace, and have become a spiritual person. I’ve come to realize that my next adventure, and calling, in life is to travel. I want to explore all over the world and meet all different amazing people to continue to help me grow. I am super excited to start my travels, but financially I’m still battling all the details. I would be perfectly fine staying on the couch of anyone who was nice enough to offer their home. But when I read this article, I literally jumped with excitement (which definitely brought lots of curiuos looks by the other people eating at the tables next to me). I have such a love and appreciation for beautiful architecture! I love doing home tours in the city I live in and think it would absolutely amazing to see the insides of the homes available for glouchsurfing! I am also a very honest, respectful, and helpful person, and I love meeting and speaking to new people all the time to hear about so many interesting lives. I would greatly appreciate being considered for this opportunity! Thank you!

  7. Heba mahmoud says:

    This is a great concept! I’m a divorced single mom with a bright and curious 6-year old son. Having access to this when we travel will enable me to offer him more insight on the many facets of our world. Also, it would be a treat for me as I’m receiving no assistance in raising him :)

  8. Jen says:

    Glouchsurfing….not really down with the name, but the concept is definitely appealing. It would be amazing to experience a night or two of luxury, when most of my travel is budget accommodations. I would be able to share my travel experiences, while recharging myself, and hopefully engage with the host in a meaningful way. Having an opportunity to stay in a fabulous home with interesting people would just add to the travel experience. Please do keep us informed!

  9. Judi Erickson says:

    I have done a lot of travelling using hostels and b&bs. Once in a while it is nice to stay in nice comfortable lodging. I hope it’s not an april fool!!!

  10. haha amazing!!! I’m happy to hear the incredibly wealthy are joining the couch surfing world :)
    I’ve been a couch surfer and host for many years now, it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me! Not only does it help traveling costs, but I always find it lovely to stay with someone local and experience life through their reality. We all have so much to share with each other, it’s fantastic when we can bridge gaps between cultural differences. I have made many international friends through this system.
    I’m a photographer and world traveler, and often times I also travel in a “luxurious” way when my clients pay for my fancy hotels. This glouchsurfing sounds like the best of both worlds, and I am very interested in learning more. I always believe in balance and giving back to the world, and would happily take some beautiful photos for my hosts (rich or poor).

  11. Michelle says:

    This sounds really interesting! I have had my experience of couch surfing and staying in hostels and soon realised it wasn’t really what i had in mind. I guess you could say i have a taste for the luxurious lifestyle. The idea of glouchsurfing is great, if suited for the right people.
    A great way for people to experience life on the other side to couches and such.
    I’m glad i came across your blog.
    Would be great to have more info on this, thanks!

  12. Kerry Watson says:

    What great concept and fabulous article! My husband and I are avid and adventurous travellers. After many years of working hard we have decided to take six months off work as a mid life retirement next year. We would love to enjoy a world and lifestyle we can only read about with much envy. You know, it would be very fitting. Love to hear more…

  13. Frauke says:

    Interesting article. I would be interested in experiencing a bit of luxury when travelling around the world.

    I have done housesitting and enjoyed it to look after others houses and pets. It allowed me to get to know another parts of the city, find new cafes, restaurants and other interesting places and things to do there. Also I felt more living in a home rather than at a hotel.

    Meeting people from different backgrounds, cultures, religion and age groups helps us to open our mind and lets us become more tolerant and understanding. Everyone should open their heart and try to talk to a stranger and connect. You will be surprised and amazed by their stories!!!

  14. Shann says:

    If this isn’t an April Fools, it would be a lovely opportunity for students and researchers to increase their field work budget by taking advantage of these kinds of opportunities. Most of our research budget is taken up by travel and accommodations when we’re doing any kind of ethnographic or archaeological library research.

  15. Sapan Parekh says:

    Wow, this is really interesting. Normally I’m a pretty budget backpacker, and I always seem to click with that lifestyle, thinking it’s the most “authentic.” But what we forget is that there are, in fact, multiple stories, each of which is equally authentic. By only traveling the backpacker / couchsurfing way, I lose out on the other story, the oppositional story. For that reason, something like this is very interesting and worth trying out.

    That said, if this is an April Fool’s joke…it’s a good one, too. If not, sign me up!

  16. Stefan says:

    We love the whole couch surfing idea because as hosts we got to meet many travellers from abroad then as surfers we found it an excellent way of getting in there with locals.

    We’d love to get in with your new experience and incredibly fascinated by this idea! If anything to meet people from a different class/background to us.

    Your article’s also inspired a silly image of us sipping champagne in a glamorous bathtub…

  17. Joyce Kilgore says:

    This is an innovative concept. I would definitely like to do something like this. Most likely, I would be travelling alone, and this would be a lot less lonely than staying in a hotel room. We would be company for each other. Besides, chances are that I would not be able to afford hotel rooms that are as nice as these private homes; and this would allow me to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  18. Cindy Collins says:

    My daughter entertained a couchsurfer once and I met him. I have to admit that the whole idea of having a stranger in her home made me nervous. I wondered how he felt travelling from place to place and staying with strangers.

    I’m 44 with only two of my four kids left at home. I’ve decided to go back to school for a couple degrees. I left the idea of college to be a mother and a hard worker. Now I’m a disabled student set out to Master in English. As I’ve aged, I’ve also learned that I need to start on my bucket list. I do have a few places I’ve always wanted to ho. I’m a single mom, full time student, and slightly disabled. The idea of being able to cheaply and comfortably visit those spots would be amazing!

    I’ve also wanted to take each of my kids on a trip. Ideas like glouchsurfing make it seem possible.

    Thanks for this article. How exciting!

  19. Brett Hart says:

    I love to travel. In my opinion it is the best thing to spend money on. Travel brings new experiences and hopefully new ways of thinking. I am very open minded always quick to smile and love meeting new people. If I get in glouchsurfing network I will not only make most of it but I will right about my experiences. life Can be an adventure everyday if you have a lust for life. Please send me more information, If I do meet any rich host I will try to give them good conversation and laughs.
    B. Hart

  20. Patrizia Palumbo says:

    This seems to be a wanderful idea! But…Written in April 1th? Uhm… Too beautiful to be true… But, If it is… I would like to partecipate!

  21. Martin Osvalds says:

    This is so grate. It really shows that there is goodness and kind heart in all parts of society.
    Especially now adays when the gap between rich and poor gets bigger all around the world.
    And this to read articles like this really gives my tru joy. It is the whole reason I joined the couch surfing community. To meet new people that are interesting, fun, poor, rich and everything in between. And for me personally as a student of design och fine woodworking it would be a grate joy to wisit a place like this that I would otherwise not be able to wisit.
    So to finish. To be able to surf the couches in all kinds of people’s homes is always a grate adventure. But some times it is nice to go that one step further when the opportunity arises.

  22. Tracey Swain says:

    This sounds ideal way to travel. I have fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, Diabetes and damaged spine. Travelling for me is difficult to say the least. However being a landscape photographer and lover of the roadtrips and beautiful spaces be it in the landscape or a stately home this sounds to good to be true.

    To have somewhere to go that your not going to have to worry about cleanliness, hygene etc whether you can afford to eat at the hotel or what your going to eat! If you will be able to sleep and if there will be someone for company.

    For the fit and able travel is exciting an adventure and easy for those of us less fortunate it becomes a nightmare so scary that we often just don’t go. Not everyone has the ability to carry tons of things around in a rucksack and hoof it some of us need comfort for our bodies to just be able to function.

    SItting here just imaganing the things you could learn and the libraries you could lose yourself in, in such places.


  23. Deniz Dinc says:

    This sounds like an amazing idea; a win-win for both the traveler and the host.
    Couchsurfing gives people the opportunity to know about different cultures, lifestyles etc and Glouchsurfing takes it to a whole new level. I am a traveler/blogger and I would really like to have a chance to experience this!

  24. kelly says:

    This is the stuff of dreams! Rich or poor, humam interraction is what keeps us all going! I have been lucky enough to have been given a sofa and safety on my travels and I’m always gratful…but to stay in a mental enormous palace?! Well…that WOULD be something special…something to write home about even!haha! You are very lucky to have had this experience and even more fortunate to have a platform with which to share your story :) I would love to have the chance to do the same! X

  25. Adi says:

    Hi, this is quite amazing to have such an opportunity, i d like to travel the world like this, meet people, know cultures in every country. I d love to do that :)

  26. Jackie Zacharia says:

    I work in the travel industry and am fascinated how this would work. Am passionate about travel and getting to do so from someone else’s abode is a brilliant way to emerse yourself in the culture.

  27. Charly says:

    Thank you for the article. It demonstrates that economic theory is missing factors of humanity. I am a researcher in the field you describe, and you underline the valid point of loneliness. I wish I could meet these interesting people, and exchange experiences.

  28. anu says:

    I am keen to meet people with a sense of character with responsibility which is very intrinsic ….while the external trappings may camaflouge this critical part……i would be very picky n choosy even in this uber luxe world… enagge with persons / families who have been reared on depth of character building …which new money can not buy. so let us see. i am hopeful.

  29. Franzi says:

    Ahoi –
    sounds like a Cinderella story. I would be really interested not only (of course) in the property but also in the people (both the owner and the people working for them). It seems like a total different world but I bet there will will occur the same problems everyone of us struggles with in everyday life…maybe on a different level. But I may also be wrong and it is totally different to “our” world. Also I’ve always loved to visit castles or old properties because of the historical stories behind it. I bet there are tons of cool stories out there nobody knows about! I just love ghost stories:)

  30. Maritess Narvaja says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing this idea. It’s a great opportunity to everyone who wants to experience a different lifestyle and learn what is the significance in our life. I’m filipino au pair in the Netherlands and very happy with this program(cultural exchange). And ‘Glamping’ is another great experience for me who is interested in different culture and status in the sociaty. I’m planning to visit Paris on July 2015 and i hope you can help me and give us more details. Thank you.

  31. Maritess Narvaja says:

    I should say glouchsurfing instead of glamping. By the way please give us more information about this and thank you.

  32. Laura Byrne says:

    wow this sounds really interesting!

    I resigned from my job today to go backpacking/couch surfing for the first time…….. at 33 years of age!!!! HAHAHAHAHA better late then never, right?

    The thing I love about travel is the people- I think it would be a great way to meet some really interesting individuals!

    I would love to bring some happiness and laughs to these people that suffer loneliness, I can only imagine what having so much but no one to share it with would be like. As an aspiring comedian I love to see joy and happiness in people’s faces :)

  33. Esther says:

    Really keen traveller, always looking for amazing, immersive cultural experiences with people wanting to share their lives, stories and places with new people. Sounds perfect.

  34. giuliana says:

    Well this sounds wonderful!!!
    As a single female office assistant that loves to travel, this could be the answer to having to shorten my trips due to ever rising hotel costs! (T I was able to travel internationally since I was 17th, and have been doing my best to take advantage… But I have not enough money “Couch surfing” has never really appealed to me. Wish I could do this for at least one of my future trips!
    How do I get the insider info?!? :-)

  35. Suzan Younis says:

    I’ve lived and traveled to many beautiful places all my life. I love interiors. Experiencing some of these generous minded owners homes would be an honour. Being that I am very neat and take care of things – there would be no reason to worry about my stay – I’m used to it ! I am currently retired ( two years now ) and only travel when I have the urge to see something new . This sounds like a new and exciting proposal ! Love the idea 😊

  36. Paulina says:


    This is amazing idea and I’m glad that these people are open for another and want show how they live. I really like meeting new people, learn about their customs and traditions and I think glouchsurfing is a new step to travel and explore the world. And I really want start this adventure. :)
    Greetings :)

  37. Edna Ogega says:

    Those who travel often know the tab really adds up. Getting a plane ticket is definitely just the first part. Then of course accommodations, transportation and most importantly FOOD! haha. I grew up on Disney movies and being a princess seemed like the best way of life. Huge house, maids, butlers, don’t forget the puffy dresses! I know they say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but it wouldn’t hurt to run your toes through it. And as mentioned in the article make connections or simply make a lonesome person’s day for a bit with something as simple as conversation.

  38. BenAHAH says:

    Apparently people dont know April Fools’Day. Glouchsurfing…come on ! how can you believe that…fun joke though

  39. Sarah Quinn says:


    I am a CS’er and have been a host in NYC and a Surfer all around Europe. I have just come back to Barcelona after a winter round trip through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and back through France to Barcelona.

    This was my last trip around Europe for right now. I have been traveling outside the States for three Years this May. I got to see wonderful places. I have finished the Camino in Spain and worked off a boat in Southern Turkey. It has been some of the best times.

    Now I go back into the States for this summer, but the traveling does not stop. I am going to be in NYC before going down to VA and DC. Then back to NYC before taking the train to Denver and places West.

    I would love to be a active part of your page for travelers. As of this year I am now working more on my Books for Children. I would love a grand view to help me be creative. It would be great to see some gardens of splendor this summer!

    Sarah Quinn

  40. Zimbru Adriana says:

    Awesome idea! That is definitely something I would do myself if I had a mansion! I’d love to know more about this!

  41. I’ve recently began doing research on couch surfing & weighing the pros & cons of the process. I would be interested in exploring this side of the couch surfing world to compare the differences between the two sides. While it’s obvious that the accommodations would be the stark difference, it would be great to see if this option includes learning about the location & seeing the sights with the host as I know is often the case with couch surfers. Additionally as a solo woman traveler/writer, it would be great to discuss how one can travel with a touch of luxury even if it’s just for one night. Great concept that I plan on keeping an eye out on.

  42. Lorelai Avram says:

    I would like to try glouchsurfing, because traveling is not and shouldn’t be just about new stamps in your passport and landmarks checked off a bucket list. It should be about being met with the shockingly different, the unexpected; it should be about being asked to reconsider your choice of lifestyle, your guiding principles and your understanding of your very existence very often. That can happen in a myriad of ways, and for me, one of those ways would be inhabiting, albeit shortly, the house and thus the life, of a member of the 1%. I would love to understand better a perspective and a life that I cannot begin to grasp, and perhaps be put in the situation to wonder about my priorities.

  43. The purpose of travelling to a country for me is to immerse myself in the culture and meet the people who live there. This is why I choose to stay at agritourismos or B & B’s rather than hotels whether they are luxury or not. At hotels you will also meet people from all over the world but they are travellers like you and not from the country you are visiting. I plan a trip to Portugal where I will stay in posadas simply for the fact that I will have the opportunity to discover the cuisine of each region I am staying which is important to me.

  44. otilia says:

    I know I’ll somehow end up in one of these settings just because I have maybe more to offer than I suppose my host would. I’d never accept such a treat without turning it the other way round, meaning my host would have to become my guest at some point. (S)he would definitely have to see what royal treatment means at my place. And that’s impressive, at least that’s what I’ve been told by my previous guests.

  45. Heather Williquette says:

    This is perfect! My dream is to travel the world, and such a big part of traveling is meeting people and learning about their lives, hearing their stories and how they have made it big! (Who wouldn’t want to live in a mansion for a few days?) I’m just a college kid who has a heart for people and traveling, and finding a place to stay and paying for it is always a strain on my small bank account. I think this is the perfect blend of adventure and experience. Everyone gains something in this scenario.

    I would like to get more information on glouchsurfing, and please fill me in on any glouchsurfing opportunities forthcoming!

  46. Bailey says:

    I think glouchsurfing would be an amazing experience, my fiancé and I are dropping everything to travel the world we bought a hammock to sleep in for night we can’t find accommodations fitting our budget. To be able to stay and experience this luxurious lifestyle would be breathtaking after a few outdoors. A hot shower, warm meal, and comfy bed=heaven on earth. I would love to share my experiences and company with my host! This would make travelling even more dynamic than it already is, incredible!

  47. Alison Peake says:

    Love to know more about this. I live in Australia & travel to Europe for the summer every year. I have a house in Tuscany which is “home base” but would love to opportunities to visit other parts of Europe while I am there.

  48. Mohd Zafri Osman says:

    I love to travel – have been to 20 countries (Malaysian, and have been to and lived in Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and Korea) – and have had a Couchsurfing experience. I believe travel is not only about seeing a new place, but also meeting new people.

  49. Ais says:

    Wow…. it is an interesting idea.
    I’m a traveller who like to try different ways or ideas in travelling in order to gain difference experiences in life.
    I’ve done solo travelling to a big group, staying at dorm to 5 stars hotel, staying at very simple local people’s house to couchsurfing, using plane, bus, car, motorcycle, train, ship and bicycle as transportation from 1 place to other places.
    But I’ve never done this idea, staying at a very rich people’s residence and having experience living in superb luxury style. I’d like to try this glouchsurfing if I get chance to do it.

  50. Kim L says:

    Hi there,

    I am going to Paris and Budapest from April 23-May 2nd.

    I’ve left May 1st open in Paris for accom as I wanted to find something interesting and different to do on this day. As a host to many tourists throughout my life, and having tried couchsurfing myself, I’d love to try glouchsurfing. Can you please send me more info, as I’d like to try this on May 1st in France (somewhere close to Paris) if possible!




  51. Jane says:

    Once I stayed at a very luxurious home in India through Couchsurfing. I left the next day because I was disgusted at the family’s views on poverty and the way the glorified money. The experience was terrible.

    We all have a choice. And we all have the opportunity to decide where our money goes, however much it is.

    Some people decide to spend money on themselves. And this is sad. Even if they give to others, because you are on another level which separates you from the real world. It’s way too much.

    It’s an insult to Couchsurfing. Living like that is an insult to all of us.

    According to the article people who stay there become some sort of amusement for the rich. And oh come on! Nobody in Couchsurfing sleeps on the floor, they are at times very nice rooms and you are able to experience an equal down to earth rewarding experience.

    People who are that rich are because they maybe are paid by a big company who probably is not ethical at all, because maybe they had the luck to live in a developed country which exploits the third world…etc.

    I just can’t understand how people here in the comments think this idea is great.

  52. Iva says:

    I love meeting new people and I am an experienced couchsurfer and host. Despite I am writing this comment, I am actually not into money and all this luxury style doesn’t get me too excited. I am quite happy with travelling on a low budget, sleeping in a tent or an 1$ hostel and driving with 7 other people in a regular car (LOL). However, I am very curious by the nature and I always live to the fullest and try to experience as many new things as possible. If I am honest, probably glouchsurfing wouldn’t make me any happier, but if it’s possible and I would find a host, whose philosophy I would like (maybe someone who was “poor” once), why not give it a try. :)

  53. Csenge says:

    Im a Hungarian in my 20’s living in Barcelona.Ive been traveling with couchsurfing, did a few meetups and eatwith dinners to meet locals, understand their lifestyle, their values and these experiences made my travels every time so exciting. Btw im just in blabla car for the holidays:) It s an amazing opportunity to meet and spend time with people you couldnt otherwise. I believe that these connections form our personality, open our spectrums towards something new every time! I would love to try this new sharing community and meet the people behind. On my part I would love to cook with their chefs, or for them & the host ;) And of course they would be welcome in my nice rooftop apartment in Barcelona center. Looking forward to your news! Best

  54. Shwetha Prem says:

    I’m an architect and I live to travel. I work at a firm where we do high end interiors. As I design these homes, I often wish I could stay at one if only for a night to really know what it feels like. It would also give me a better understanding of what luxury feels like and be an incredible experience. Also know more about a person who resides at such a place and get an opportunity to share experiences and gain a better perspective.

    When I travel I usually try to find a relatively cheaper place to stay so I could spend the money on seeing the place rather than the place I would come just to sleep for a few hours and freshen up. But I often wish I could travel a bit more luxuriously than I do.

    I would love to have an opportunity to stay at a beautiful home while travelling And gain some amazing new experiences and get to see the world from a different perspective than I’m used to. Do sign me up.

  55. Sandra Theodorsen says:

    Wether it is an ‘aprilfools’ or not, it is indeed a brilliant idea. What a great way to explore and discover the world. What a great way to get to know interesting and new people!!!! Unforgettable experience…..Love it…

  56. Happy April Fools’ Day!
    How fun if it were true. What was it Groucho Marx said about “I don’t want to belong to a club that would accept me as a member”?

  57. Kayna says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I want more information! This is absolutely awesome. Nobody has a budget to travel but everyone wants to. I want to travel to work for the olympics one day and to expand my knowledge. Pick me!!! :D

  58. Debora says:

    I awlays had a dream of living in a castle. And after reading this post I think my dream will come true for at least a few days since I love to travel.

  59. KC says:

    Dear Genie in the bottle,

    My wish is to experience a luxurious life even for a day only to see why normal people envy this life, i wanna know what is the difference. Hope you make my wish come true.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    KC 😃

  60. Patricia Van Wulpen says:

    I’m a stylish person, who can appreceate seeing and experiencing beautiful things and places.
    I definitely think this is a great way to explore a whole new world and I’m very curious about it!
    I love to travel, but don’t always have the budget to do so. This would be the ultimate way to explore new countries/places I could’ve never hoped to visit in a really extraordinary way.
    I take great care of my belongings and do so with other people’s and have the utmost respect for other people.

    I would very much like to be recommended :-)

  61. Paulo Silva says:

    We are a mere couple of medium / low class with two children (twins) who love to travel and mainly talk about many things: music, cinema, travel and ways of being in life. Obviously, the money is not enough for a lot, but the willingness and the desire to know new ways of being / being is great. Maybe with some kind soul, we can show a little more to our descendants, thus enriching their knowledge and opportunity to learn something that is far from their realities.

  62. Irina says:

    I believe the new trend won’t affect luxury hotels as the crowd that will take part in “glouchsurfing” wants to have a taste of the glamorous life because it doesn’t have access to it on a daily basis. Meanwhile those who already live “the glamour”, will keep on choosing the luxury hotels as their destination. I’d like to receive updates on this new trend and why not, be part of it! Thank you :)

  63. Ana Marica says:

    This reminds me of the luxury version of house sitting. Interesting – I believe this would most benefit long time low-budget travelers who, every once in a while, feel the need of a little bit of pampering and a small pause from the low budget travel style.
    I am such a traveler myself and I know such a thing as ‘glouchsurfing’ is an excellent and much authentic alternative to a hotel I would normally choose every once in a while after longer periods of hostel & couchsurfing.
    I am highly interested in testing the concept, so any info you could provide about it would be great. Thanks!

  64. Peter says:

    This is a rather intrigung idea! I would suspect, and rather welcome, a vetting/screening process. But what a wonderful way to travel, and hopefully be able to reciprocate.

  65. Alexandra says:


    Excuse me to ask, but was this an April’s Fool? If not, is it too late to participate?


  66. Keith Brown says:

    Is this real? Living in rural England and likewise in France, I should really want to hear from more people who have experienced this rather new experience?

  67. Bob Merrick says:

    This glouchsurfing sounds like a great idea. I never heard of it before but would sure like to know more about it. It would be a great experience to try this. I do like luxury, but could not afford this kind of living during my travels. Now there seem to be new opportunities opening. Based on the number of replies to this blog, there seems to be a lot of similar feelings and interest on this subject. I sure hope this takes off. It may even force luxury hotels to start lowering their prices to meet the competition.

  68. The only way to grasp a concept is to fully emerse oneself in it entirely… This is exactly just that… Emerse and emerge with new adventures and new knowledge. In life you can never stop learning! I wouldn’t bat a lash to join! Please include me in the journey!

  69. Veneda Gabourel says:

    Champagne Tastes – Beer Budget……need I say more? By the time that I scrape together enough money to actually travel; I have no money left to stay anywhere – much less somewhere beautiful and dreamy.

    Oh I just read that this is an April Fools thing ….. too bad, and, if so, a bit mean.

  70. Stefan Heinz says:

    Paul – First of all, thanks for such a great idea and making it public. Very generous.

    I’ve heard about the loneliness before and can get that. My wife and I have been invited to rich people’s places, and one aspect I also see is that people no matter how rich, like to share things that matter to them, be it art or experiences, or just having somewhat interesting conversations about what’s important to each other.

    So yes, I am very interested, and not only because of the cheap stay, but because of getting to know people and maybe contribute to their lives as I can from my end.


  71. Victoria says:

    I love this idea. We stayed in a historical apartment/hotel in Madrid many years ago. It was owned and run by the family who had lived there for years and had opened up the extra rooms for guests. The staff were divine and could tell you about any of the artworks, furniture or history associated with the grand rooms. Eating in the dining room felt like you were playing the part and the hosts were so charming and happy to talk about anything you wanted. It was wonderful to speak with them about their unique space and see how much they loved and respected it, and marvelous that they were happy to open their home up to strangers.

  72. Kayce says:

    This article has been on my MUST read list for a few weeks now. And, I’m sure glad that I just crossed it off. I’ve camped out in a churchyard in Harlem, NY and stayed in a luxurious castle in Ireland. I’ve tried hostels, glamping, treehouses, homestays, hotels, timeshare, and everything inbetween.

    I once studied Intercultural Communication in college; and after, got my wings to see world. I’m intrigued my how othes live their lives. Yes, those that have not intrigue me. But, so do those who have all.

    I would enjoy staying with someone and learning about their life; and, of course, share a window into another world for them.

    Please, if you read this, please let me know how. Thank you so must for sharing your experience!

  73. af says:

    Count us in. We’ve worked in the film and music biz in LA – retired and then started working in education which gives us ample free time to travel. Every new place we visit becomes a history lesson and we have lots of interesting stories to tell to anyone who’s interested.

    ; )

  74. Karen Frazier says:

    Now, for the final wishes on my bucket list: glouchsurfing would be at the top. I love meeting fellow travelers. Everyone has a story and interacting with others is the highlight of travel.
    I hope that you pick me.

  75. Ivan says:

    It’s very interesting reading this article because right now I’ve been hosted for 1 week in glouchsurfing. In a luxurious home with talented chefs.

    I am an engineer that 4 years ago I decided to leave the corporation world and give a chance to my passion Art. In the last 4 years I’ve been living in more than 15 countries growing in my art career, learning, experimenting, collaborating, connecting. At the beginning of this trip I used couchsurfing, now I have my own growing network of friends and projects. During the last one year I didn’t pay for a room collaborating in so many different creative projects. Creativity is my currency, and more and more luxurious homes are being open to me through my art. Cheers from India

  76. Drika says:

    Im brasilian and travel is what i love,pick me ahshshshshs
    it must be the most amazing experience for us..the normal people.

  77. Franz Huber says:

    Hi, very interesting article and tendency. I would appreciate to had the oportunity to experience that! I’ve been traveling for almost 1 year in low budget doing a lot of couchsurfing and hichhikking. I’ve already been in 61 countries and aim to reach 100 until end of 2016. In February 2015, while I was doing couchsurfing in Lesotho, the girl offered me a free ride with her friends to go to the next city, Johannesburg. When I arrive in the car a surprise, an amazing Mercedes AMG 6.3 litters! The driver even pay me the lunch! Luxury-hichhikinng!

  78. Taran B says:

    Oh boy! And what if the host is a sadist, psycho, or even worse – a cannibal! Loneliness can do strange things to people, and rich people can even get away with it.
    No thanks, I’ll pay and stay at the hotel.

  79. Mitu says:

    This sounds like an amazing idea. I would love this opportunity.

    The reasons are multi fold. But biggest attraction would be that the houses and the people in them would have a history and culture of their own to share while experiencing the city or region attractions as well.

    As a child I went to a Bed n breakfast that had been on an estate with my parents, and I still remember sitting w the owners who took the time to sit down and walk me through the family albums and stories of the art pieces in the home. That is the one bed n breakfast that stays in my mind, with more rich memories than any other. Would love to experience the same w the glam level, and architectural history to boot.

  80. Michelle Jung says:

    What a great opportunity for one to experience and learn the way other people live and learn their cultures. I feel you take back a while new outlook on your trips.. meeting new people .. and not to mention what you could learn about yourself and your own life experiences.
    In starting a new chapter in my life and this would definitely be something new for me.. a great way to begin to see the world through a different view
    Id like access to this database!

  81. hello paul Johnson
    If you read this first and foremost would like to thank you for this article.
    Im an artist and I could be eligible to have this opportunity in a sense that i could share ideas, opinions, experiences and also paint the portrait of the owners for free. I saw the picture of the Avril Le Fou and i was inspired to paint that image!

  82. Barbara Morrison says:

    This is the way to see the world and meet people seeking to dispel lonliness by opening their luxurious homes and way of life to travelers. Since my husband’s idea of roughing it is a five star hotel, this would be right up his alley.

  83. Tracy says:

    What a fabulous win win idea! The most important things in life aren’t things! Good health, love, relationships, experiences, and purpose are desired by all people from all walks of life. Bridging people together from different cultures & socioeconomic back rounds is often magical and oh so fulfilling! I know from my experiences as a nurse and world traveler! ; )
    My partner “Shawn” and I just moved to Tuscany, Italy after living 45+ years in the US and are currently traveling & vlogging our way through Europe. So far, we have enjoyed meeting so many interesting & fun people from all around the world.
    Shawn is a chef, captain, IT specialist, “jack of all trades” is an outgoing, gregarious fun guy. I’m a nurse, photographer, foodie, traveler, who also gets a kick out of meeting new and different people from all walks of life. Count us in! We would love to be included on this unique and cool opportunity to glouchsurf.

    Tracy & Shawn ; )
    Siena, Italy

  84. Catherine Mahon says:

    It sounds like there needs to be an app to be requested for these opportunities, much like Rover, where a background check and skills and qualifications are listed. I would love to be a part of it, as an avid traveler, gig economy worker, foodie, and reliable, trustworthy person.

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