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The best times of year to travel to the French Alps

Whether you are planning on visiting the Alps for a winter snow holiday, a walking holiday to photograph Alpine flowers or a family summer activity holiday, the weather and local conditions can make or break your trip. Here are a few tips to make the most of the different seasons in the Alps. Spring The winter snow starts to melt around April time, starting at the lower altitudes and gradually working it’s way up to around 3000m by June. In general the last snowfalls happen around the end of April but you can be surprised with a dump, even at low altitudes in May. This is a spectacular time of year as the first flowers come out, the hibernating animals wake up and the rivers are full to bursting with white water rapids. Whitewater rafting in Spring It is ideal for walkers, cyclists, mountain bikers, flower and nature enthusiasts and kayakers, rafters and other white water sport lovers.  The optimum month for these activities is around June. The weather is usually quite warm but not too hot, and enough snow will have melted for the rivers and flowers to be in their prime. June is also the month where the majority of the high road cycling cols are officially cleared for cycling. In the high mountains, many of the refuges, that were closed for the winter open around mid June, making mountaineering summits possible. Summer As the summer arrives, the weather becomes more stable, especially in the Southern Alps, with pretty much guaranteed sunshine. However, the heat also generates dramatic thunder storms in the mountains and many a summer evening can be spent being entertained watching an electric storm striking the mountains around you. Summer in the high Alps The Southern French Alps in and around Gap has the sunniest weather as it gets the Mediterranean climate and boasts 300 days of sunshine per year. As you go further north the weather is more unpredictable. The warm sunny days are perfect for pretty much all activities, with rock climbing, canyoning, mountaineering, tree climbing, walking, paragliding, kayaking, swimming in lakes, via ferrata, biking…. and more all possible. The water levels will gradually drop over the summer as the snow stocks melt, making white water slightly tamer and more canyons accessible (these are usually too dangerous in the big melt water period). Autumn As the summer draws to an end, the thunder storms are less frequent and though the days can still be warm, the evenings are noticeably cooler. Campers will need a warm jacket! This makes September and October perfect for walking, climbing, mountain and road biking. As October draws to a close, the weather becomes noticeably cooler and in November the first snowfalls will arrive and it’s time to start thinking of winter sports again! Climbing in the Alps in Autumn The French pastime of mushroom hunting is in its prime in October and this is also the time of year for Autumn leaves. The light in the Autumn is spectacular with none of the summer heat haze – just deep blue skies and the Autumn sun. For photographers – it is ideal. It is a quiet time to visit the Alps so for those searching for a bit of tranquillity. Red trees in Autumn One thing to be aware of is ‘la chasse’. Hunting is a hugely popular sport in the Alps and the season is Autumn so if you do visit at that time of year, don’t be alarmed if you come across armed men in fluorescent orange jackets stalking in the woods! Winter The snow starts falling in November and December and starts to make its presence permanent in higher altitudes by mid December when most ski resorts will open. This becomes more established as the winter season progresses. In general the best powder is in January when temperatures are colder and the days are shorter. Snow cover is usually very good at all altitudes so lower level sports like cross country skiing are also good. Snowshoeing in the Winter An important calendar event to know about when planning your winter holiday is the French school holidays. They span for a whole month from around the 7th February to 7th March. This is when the French go skiing and it is the busiest time of year in resorts, on the pistes, on the roads… and in general is best avoided if possible. March is usually good for skiing and ski touring with a generally good stable snow pack and longer sunny days. Towards the end of March the days warm up and for lower slopes and south facing slopes the snow will become more ‘springlike’ and slushy, gradually melting as spring arrives! Most ski resorts close between the end of March and end of April. Sally Guillaume is Director at Undiscovered Alps. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Sally Guillaume

Sally is the owner and director of Undiscovered Mountains, who specialise in multi activity and adventure holidays in the Alps.

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  1. Summer is one of my favourite times in the Alps – especially the Southern Alps! Get in touch with me if you would like us to create a once in a lifetime holiday experience for you!

  2. Dear Sally,
    We are planning a family trip *6 adults and 3 kids (ages 12, 5 and 4) to Chamonix in mid May. As it is the off season, I’m hoping to find less crowds, but I’m also concerned if lots of places will be closed at that time.
    We are looking to do some hiking and relaxing for 4 days in the Alps (May 9 to 12 2016).
    Any help and suggestions on what to do in those 4 days will be greatly appreciated?

  3. Hi Sachiv

    We would love to help arrange something for you. We are actually based in the Southern French Alps so not Chamonix! However, weather in May will be better in the south.

    If you would like me to put together a trip for you with some walking (Ibex spotting is particularly good in May – we have a great spot accessible for four year olds) and maybe some other family activities, please do email me directly sally@undiscoveredalps.com.

  4. Hello
    I would like to spend the holidays with my family in the French alps. Do you know places where a family of six can stay. Dates will be December 29th to January 2nd.

    Thank you.
    Marisela Rodriguez

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