What to look out for with this year’s beach trends

It is that time of the year when the layers have come off, we’re seeing more sun, higher temperatures at last, and we hear the beach calling our name. We can practically feel the sand between our toes or taste a smooth, fruity cocktail by the pool. We can’t wait to get our feet wet. Naturally, when the seasons change, we focus our attention on what to wear next, and while there are a plethora of opportunities of where to shop and what to buy, one place you can be sure to find wonderful collections of luxury beachwear attire for every single body type is at The Cabana Shop. Agua Bendita swimwear They have identified that this year’s beach trends are just as eye-catching and diverse and what’s more, is that designers have been listening to the public’s needs. This means that this season you will find that swimwear has been carefully designed to embrace the confidence of the modern woman so there are plenty of options for women who prefer more coverage, and subtlety, as well as an abundant collection for those who opt for the edgy silhouettes and believe that “less is more”. Designers have finally understood that one swimsuit does not fit all, and for this reason there is so much to choose from. The collections transcended beyond the beach to include a 24/7 healthy, organic lifestyle. The overall theme this summer is a love for travel and exotic destinations. The top trends in the 2015 swimwear shows included jewelry stitched into swimwear, fluttering tops with ruffles and frills, slogan one-piece suits, paneled bottoms as well as 3D photo prints, tribal prints, 60s retro styles, provocative sheer suits, cut-away designs, monokinis, creative zips, high-waist bottoms, high neck crop tops, long-sleeved suits, unique leather suits, cute on-the-go bikinis, neoprene materials for the sporty chic look, as well as sophisticated and dressy beachwear. Mara Hoffman swimwear is one of the top trends for this season, and a quick glance at her Prismatic Resort 2015 explains why this is so. The colors and patterns are bright and festive and the inspiration for these well rounded designs was her visit to Guatemala. Their beautiful, rich culture had left a profound impression on the designer and a need to express her reverence by turning motifs of Guatemalan culture into this summer’s top trends. The rainbow has distinct references in embroidery, color and design. The panther is a bold and daring print that appears throughout the collection, giving femininity a new face by exhibiting a softness as well as boldness. These suits are made either high waist or low waist, there are rash guards, cover-ups, light-weight dresses, and her favorite—the jumpsuits. This collection is definitely fun and exciting, and exudes a wonderful combination of function with fashion. Agua Bendita swimwear is a combination of unique and embellished designs made in Columbia with an emphasis on comfort, yet decked with so much color, beading, and interesting dimensions, which make every swimsuit seem like a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. This season the collection is titled “Exotic Journey,” and you will find alluring animal prints and flora decorating many of the swimwear, gorgeous pareos and cover-ups. Agua Bendita swimwear Agua Bendita live by the motto that “social works,” which is why they employ up to 700 women to bring these designs into your wardrobe. Sometimes, with all of the extra, intricate handy-work, it takes eight days just for one piece to be completed. The designers of Agua Bendita are inspired by women’s dreams. The woman who wears Agua Bendita is very feminine, dressy and sophisticated. But she wears these suits with a confidence and a sense of fun. The 2015 tropical collection inspires a bit of the wild side in all of us, a perfect outcome for our journey to the beach for summer fun. Acacia Swimwear 2015 designs are a fascinating blend of cultural motifs, highlighting the designers’ Native American background with tropical and tribal motifs. These 2015 designs include a combo of neutrals and bright colors, incorporating sporty mesh fabrics, stitching cut-outs, tassels, braids, crochet including their staple tribal and tropical prints. Designers Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons are based in Hawaii, which is an endless source of inspiration of course, but their zeal for exploring and traveling to exotic beaches from around the world, has given them a creative edge with a world-wide appeal. They have stayed true to their original vision of smaller cuts, cheeky Brazilian bottoms which go hand in hand with this season’s active market trend. Their bathing suits are definitely made for the cute and sexy woman who’s not afraid to be daring and stand out in a crowd. Acacia Swimwear This season the brands are plentiful and the collections are a diverse offering of styles that meets every single woman’s needs. The swimwear designers have adopted a more organic message to their collections, and their designs have promoted healthier lifestyles, something like cross-fit meets the Oscars. Embracing more modern trendy swimwear silhouettes and designs as well as rethinking classic designs. There’s an opportunity to look sporty or chic, or exceptionally elegant whether in a two- piece or one-piece or a cover-up. There is also a heavier emphasis on how the fabric feels on the skin. At The Cabana Shop, we choose the best on-trend designs that help extenuate the beauty in each and every one of you; we represent the sporty, active market as well as the elegant and chic. We want every body type to look and feel feminine, sexy and special whether at the beach or sitting by the poolside.

Paul Johnson

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