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6 things to do for a relaxing weekend on the Montreux Riviera

If you are looking for a traveling destination that will be able to help you achieve that Zen-like feeling of relaxation, look no further than the charming Montreux Riviera. Located just a little ways from the beautiful Lake Geneva, the area is part of the canton of Vaud, one of the most distinctive cultural poles in the country of Switzerland. The area is also located just an hour away from Geneva’s international airport, making it very easy to reach the Riviera from abroad. We compiled a list of things to do in this wonderful location. Read on and don’t miss the following hotspots. 1. Arrange your stay at the Mirador Resort & Spa Vevey The Mirador Resort is definitely one of the most acclaimed and celebrated hospitality establishments within the area, and rightfully so. This hotel is not simply striking because of the quality of the rooms, comfort and amenities it offers—it is also located in a prestigious setting that treats guests to a phenomenal look over the lake. The Givenchy spa is really beautiful with a stunning indoor pool with a view of the mountains’ skyline. This hotel is the perfect place to start your exploration of the Montreux Riviera, and it is also charming, luxurious and elegant. Rooms are classic, yet modern and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art features. Breakfast items are always fresh, natural and with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. It is also pretty straightforward to travel around and reach your desired destinations from the hotel. Mirador spa and resort Givenchy Spa, Vevey 2. Visit the newly opened “Chaplin’s World” museum Iconic British actor Charlie Chaplin is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated artists of all times. Known for movies such as “The Kid” or “Modern Times”, Chaplin decided to retire in the beautiful country setting of Vevey, in Switzerland, where he owned a beautiful estate and spent his final days with his family. Today, Chaplin’s mansion has been turned into a comprehensive, engaging and unique museum dedicated to the life, art and memory of this undisputed master of his craft. The newly opened public exhibition also features newly built facilities, such as a restaurant and gift shop dedicated to Charlie Chaplin. This charming exposition isn’t only an insight into the notorious actor’s work and style, but it is also a celebration of the charming beauty of Vevey. No wonder Chaplin decided to call this place home and settled down right here! chaplinworld, Vevey 3. Enjoy an evening at the Casino Barriere de Montreux Switzerland is almost synonymous with beautiful and prestigious casinos. The world-famous Casino Barriere de Montreux definitely belongs in that category, located in a charming building that treats guests to a stunning view over the entire Lake Geneva and the nearby Alps. The casino features the classiest, most timeless games, and players can enjoy a discreet and elegant atmosphere with all the comforts they might expect from one of the best casinos in the world. The establishment is also a perfect place for private functions, receptions and parties, given the flexibility of its many exhibition halls and rooms. casino Barriere, Montreux Casino Barrière – Rue du Théâtre 9, 1820 Montreux 4. Get a taste of history at the Chatelard Castle One of the many ancient Castles in the region, The Chatelard Castle, located in Montreux Heights, is perhaps one of the most distinctive in the entire region, boasting origins that can be traced back to 1440, when the knight Jean De Gingins commissioned its construction. The castle showcases a very distinctive late middle-aged aesthetic, and it is a strong piece of cultural heritage and identity of the area, highlighting the long and varied history of local settlements dating back centuries ago. This is only one of the many castles that can be visited in the area. The Blonay Castel is even older, dating back to 1184, shortly after the Crusades. Chatelard Castle, Montreux Chatelard Castle – Planchamp-Dessous 1, 1815 Clarens, Suisse 5. Enjoy some world class music at the Montreux Jazz Festival Although “jazz” is deeply embedded within the name and style of this festival, this historical event evolved to the point of hosting artists representing different genres and expressions. Internationally acclaimed pop and rock stars performed here, including David Bowie, Carlos Santana, Phil Collins and Pharrell Williams. The festival is also a great venue for avant-garde musicians and innovators the likes of Bjòrk or Herbie Hancock, just to name a couple. Music has always been a defining piece of art and entertainment within the Montreux Riviera, and this festival definitely represents its absolute highlight. 6. Sample some of the world’s best wine and fine local dining The Montreux Riviera region is renowned for their local food delicacies, as well as for the gourmet wines that are produced in the area. The area is home to a host of authentic bistros, eateries and restaurants that follow a refreshing “from farm to table” ethics, meaning that guests are treated to the freshest, finest foods, as prepared by chefs who follow traditions with an innovative spirit. Fourchette Vevey 2015 Olivier Templar-James is Chief Editor at Luxury Travelers Guide. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Interesting list of places to relax in weekend….Mirador Resort & Spa Vevey looks great… Thanks for Sharing the info…

  2. Thanks this hotel is really a wonderful one, the view is the best one you can have in Vevey and Montreux

  3. I agree, the Mirador hotel and Chaplin’s World were incredible. We didn’t get time to visit Chatelard Castle so that’s one for next time!

  4. Dear Suze, Montreux Riviera is a so nice destination it should nice to go here for Jazz Festival or during the wine festival.

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