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5 reasons why Sri Lanka should be on your holiday bucket list

Let’s be honest – in terms of travel destinations Sri Lanka is hot right now. And there’s a lot to love about Sri Lanka, from stunning beaches to world heritage sites and luxurious hotels. We are seeing a surge in interest from travellers for luxury holidays in Sri Lanka at the moment, equally driven by and aiding a renaissance in the country’s tourism sector. What we also notice though, is that due to the country’s recent history that saw it largely closed to tourists, it’s a destination many travel agents and travellers don’t know much about. Here are just 5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka – but there are many more – that make this a destination to put at the top of your holiday bucket list. 1. Fabulous accommodation From the tea country to the capital and the surf coast, Sri Lanka boasts an impressive range of luxury accommodation and boutique hotels. Featuring distinct Sri Lankan architecture, furniture and textiles; locations that will take your breathe away; and outstanding service – Sri Lanka is the place to go if you want to relax in style. Imagine yourself unwinding by this infinity pool at Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge. fabulousaccommodation 2. Genuine hospitality Being a frequent visitor to Sri Lanka, one thing I notice time and time again is how genuine the hospitality is in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans have a sincere warmth and gentle manner – and when they welcome you as guests they truly mean it – from the man pouring your tea, to the receptionist or the pool attendant. For example, at Galle Face Hotel, the staff never miss a beat in terms of outstanding service. genuinehospitality 3. Still plenty to discover If you like to feel a little more adventurous when you travel, if you seek the new and undiscovered, then Sri Lanka still holds plenty of options for places that are less travelled. There’s Jaffna and the far north, the coast and beaches of the east coast and places like Kalpitiya. But don’t leave it too long – someone might get there before you! stillplentytodiscover 4. Food glorious food Where to start? For the foodies amongst us, Sri Lanka is a feast for your tastebuds. Think fresh fish curry and string hoppers, coconut sambal, buffalo curd and treacle, home-style `rice and curry’ meals you can sample as you travel across the country, Sri Lankan meals served in special settings (like this gorgeous dinner for two at Chena Huts), and in places like Colombo a host of new restaurants are now serving modern Sri Lankan cuisine. foodgloriousfood 5. Easy travelling For a small tropical island – Sri Lanka packs a lot in over a relatively small area. That also makes it easy to fit in as much as you want during your holiday. With relatively short travel times and distances, you can cover the county’s great sights, fit in a safari, relax by the beach and head to the tea plantations without spending a lot of the time moving. easytravelling Lincoln Harris is Founder at India Unbound. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Hi, Lincoln. Sri Lanka is a truly amazing place. I think that every visitor should visit it. First, Sri Lanka is located in one of the world’s most beautiful regions. Its landscapes, flora, fauna, and climate are really wonderful.
    Thanks a lot. You have included so gorgeous photos. Especially, the swimming pool on a roof looks very attractive.

  2. Hi Lincoln,
    Nice article. That picture of the infinity pool is amazing. Can you tell me what travelling around the country is like … can you manage fine with just English?

  3. Dave,

    Travelling around Sri Lanka is a slightly easier than in India, although some of the roads are quite narrow they can get quite congested with pedestrians, cyclists etc. I would avoid using the local buses as they are very uncomfortable especially travelling long distances. Having said that they are very cheap and can, eventually, get you to all corners of the island.
    My recommendation would be to hire a driver and car for your whole trip. Majority of the time, and depending who you book with, the driver doubles as a guide so there should be no language barrier. The languages spoken in Sri Lanka are Sinhala and Tamil but you also will hear English. I personally never faced a language barrier in shops or restaurants so it shouldn’t be a hinderance.
    Trust that helps.

    Vivek Bansal

  4. Amazing post…! I really agree with this…Culture and hospitality in Sri Lanka are really amazing. People in Sri Lanka always ready to help others with a smiling face..

  5. Beautiful and welcoming article about Sri Lanka, and noticed about your thoughts on Sri Lanka foods. Yes, food is amazing in Sri Lanka but many tourists don’t know the correct combination to have. Cheers.

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