The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges
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The world’s 10 best airport lounges

Air travel these days can be very stressful and often time-consuming. How often have you heard anybody claim that they were looking forward to being in an airport lounge? There are, however, some lounges that are a veritable haven of peace and tranquillity. These are some the most luxurious airport lounges on the planet.

The Qantas First Class, Sydney

The world’s 10 best airport lounges have to have something special about their ambiance, and this lounge in Sydney is famous for offering complimentary spa treatments and having an area that is filled with exotic plants for harmony and serenity. The food is pretty good too, and the menu was designed by top chef Neil Perry.

The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges

Lufthansa Frankfurter First Class Terminal

The ideas that make this lounge so terrific are based completely on customer service. In Frankfurt, they will take your hire car back for you and give you a friendly and individual security check. The lounge has been designed with 100 per cent comfort in mind, with some fantastic food on offer. A key feature here is the different brands of water on display, plus the offer of a rubber duck if you decide to take a bath.

Paris Charles de Gaulle: Air France

As you would expect in France, the food has been created by a top chef, and the surroundings are chic and tranquil. This is a well-designed lounge that offers a car hire return service and exclusive entry.

The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges

Thai Airways Lounge in Bangkok

In Bangkok, you will get escorted through immigration and taken by golf cart to the first class lounge. The staff wants its visitors to have a seamless flight experience that has low-stress levels. Once inside you can expect to sit in a semi-private living room, to give it a home-from-home appeal. Even though the lounge is fabulous and opulent, the spa that offers hour-long massages, put this space at the top of airport experiences.

Emirates Lounge in Dubai

The world’s 10 best airport lounges would not be complete without a visit to Dubai. Here the Emirates have a floor that is devoted to pampering flyers. It is one of the few airport lounges where employees outnumber customers. With all the usual amenities such as great food and spa facilities; there is also direct boarding, which is just so lavish in these days of constant queuing.

The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges

Qatar al Safwa Lounge, Doha

There is absolutely nothing that can compare with the architecture in this first class lounge in Doha. It is enormous and stunningly minimalist. The food is naturally Middle-Eastern and cooked to perfection, and the personnel is attentive and friendly. With spa treatment and just an overall feel of liberty, the passenger will soon calm down in readiness for the flight.

The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges

The Cathay Pacific Wing and the Pier First Class Lounges, Hong Kong

This lounge has recently been renovated, and with improvements to the restaurant, it is worth a look if you are in Hong Kong. The shower rooms rate number one in the world, and the seating is very comfortable. You can get your Chinese cuisine cooked to order here, and it is a culinary experience worth having.

The Melbourne Qantas Lounge

The Melbourne lounge is very similar to what a passenger can expect in Sydney. With an excellent restaurant that offers a wide variety of food, spas and designer furnishing, this is the perfect space to spend time waiting or between flights.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, London Heathrow

As with everything Virgin Atlantic does, you would expect, and would not be disappointed about, quality. A relaxed futuristic ambiance, this is a perfect ‘chill out’ space where you are pampered with spa products, power showers, and excellent food. You can even get your haircut or have a manicure.

The World's 10 Best Airport Lounges

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  1. Thai Airways Royal First Class lounge and its complimentary private Spa & jacuzzi access is truly amazing, for sure. I also like Qatar Airways First Class lounge at Doha airport, which has a stunning all-day dining restaurant (served at the plate, of course) and a heated plunge pool with sauna/hammam.

  2. This is a handy guide, thanks. Any tips on how to get a pass into VIP sections in all of these airports, if such an all-round one exists, or that one can purchase?

  3. I fly Business Class frequently for work so get to visit a lot of Business lounges. They are quiet and peaceful with comfortable seats. Food and drink are readily available so you don’t have to queue up like in the scrum outside. None of the lounges that I’ve been to over the last few years have anything like the style and flair of these First Class lounges.

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