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The world’s best curry: 6 unmissable Indian restaurants

India is a country that is best enjoyed when the traveller makes full use of all his senses. The kaleidoscopic colours of a Hindu temple, the hot sugar smell of jabeli being fried at a roadside stall, the laughter and shouts of a billion people busying about their lives. More than anything, India is a foodie’s paradise. From simple vegetarian curries so spicy they’ll burn your tongue off, to the sizzling stacks of Persian kebabs, there is a culinary delight around every corner. For the best of the best, though, the refined traveller must follow his taste buds cross-country, from the splendorous decadence of Mumbai’s colonial palaces to the silent shores of enchanting Udaipur: 1. Bukhara, New Delhi You need to be a certain calibre of chef to have your meat dishes describable as “melt-in- the-mouth.” Bukhara’s are some of the finest in the country. Tucked away in the luxurious ITC Mauriya hotel, Bukhara has an earthy, timeless feel. It serves frontier food from the North-West; slow-cooked tandoor dishes spiced to perfection. This is food designed to appeal to all the senses, where even celebrity guests are encouraged to eat with their hands. Their dal is world-famous, but it’s the kebabs which steal the show: impossibly soft, tender, and bursting with flavoured juices. Visit, and you’ll understand why Bukhara is regarded as cooking some of the best cuisine in the whole of Asia. 1-bukhara 2. Ambrai, Udaipur Few Indian towns are as magical as Udaipur, a city familiar to James Bond aficionados as the backdrop to Octopussy. Ambrai, nestled on the shores of the glittering Lake Pichola, is unrivalled for both its food and its view. Although spectacular by day, Ambrai is best enjoyed by candlelight, when the Lake Palace and other landmarks light up against the night sky. Serving mouth-watering Rajasthani specials in cauldron-shaped pots alongside a cocktail menu that begs to be sampled, Ambrai oozes unparalleled romanticism. 2-ambrai 3. Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, Jaipur Jaipur is a hectic city, so visitors looking to get away from it all could do a lot worse than climbing to the roof of the Pearl Palace Hotel and spending a couple of hours in the charming Peacock Rooftop Restaurant. With staff draping blankets over the shoulders of customers feeling the twilight chill, this is the place to sip a lassi while admiring the twinkling lights of the Pink City. The food is delicious and the whole thing decked out like a mystical garden. Unmissable. 3-peacock-rooftop-restaurant 4. Sea Lounge, Mumbai When it comes to sheer splendour, nowhere matches High Tea at the Taj Mahal Palace. The British-infused banquet is held in the Sea Lounge, where those patrons tucked into the arched alcoves can admire the picturesque Mumbai Harbour spread out beneath them. Tinkling piano keys and old colonial charm are the order of the day as traditional afternoon tea delicacies are served up next to their Indian counterparts. Expect incredible cake and the finest tea India has to offer. 4-sea-lounge 5. Konkan Café, Mumbai The Taj President may be less famous than its sister hotel but the south Indian coastal food served up in its Konkan Café is simply unmissable. Based on designs inspired by a traditional Keralan House, the roof of the restaurant is designed to replicate a star-studded night sky. Order the excellent thali (South Indian chutneys are divine) and be sure to leave room for dessert – the elaneer payasam here is the best in the country. 5-konkan-cafe 6. Karim, New Delhi Slap bang in the middle of heaving New Delhi, at first glance bustling Karim’s doesn’t scream luxury. But don’t be fooled: this is a restaurant for royalty. That epithet is literal, for the owners are descended from the cooks to the royal court. The splendour of the Mogul empire is preserved in the dishes on offer: grilled meats which generally come in the form of spicy kebabs, although the adventurous can order fried brain or an entire roasted goat. Now over a century old, Karim’s is not just one of Delhi’s oldest restaurants, but one of its most authentic.

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  1. Oh wow I would come back hardly able to walk,such wonderful food. Indian food is amazingly interesting hitting taste buds from every direction, but I think my diet would be totally wasted

  2. Not so Alan. You don’t see many fat Indians as the ingredients are non-processed and meat is usually in small portions.

  3. Nice article, bringing back memories of the delectable Daal Makhani at the Bukhara restaurant and getting the opportunity to see how they make their incredible kebabs. Although the title states best Indian restaurants the author has concentrated on restaurants in India, however some incredible Indian restaurants are found outside India. Such as Gaggan in Bangkok, Benares in London, Ministry of Crab in Colombo (ok its Sri Lankan cuisine but close enough), Amal at the Armani in Dubai and Junoon in New York.
    Classifying Indian food as a ‘curry’ does a huge disservice to this incredibly diverse cuisine and these restaurants prove that Indian food is anything but a simple curry.

  4. How controversial is that title going to be? There are a lot of restaurant owners and chefs, not just in India, but throughout the world who will be mystified as to why they’ve not made it into the unmissable six.

    I remember one great bank advert on UK television where a man asks his bank manager for a loan because, as he says, “I want to take my wife out for an Indian.” The next frame is of the couple walking through a spice market, with an elephant walking by, to the Indian restaurant of their dreams.

  5. I see that this post was first published way back in 2016. We’re in another decade now and I expect that the great debate on the world’s best curry is probably still raging.

    Anyone got any recommendations for restaurants producing great curries? It would be interesting to see a Top 6 for the new decade of the 2020s. Perhaps even a Top 10 – you can never have too much curry.

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