4 of Europe's most exclusive wine experiences

From the world-renowned Bordeaux region of France to the banks of the Rhine river, Europe is home to hundreds of wineries whose cellar doors are kept hospitably ajar, welcoming curious wine pilgrims inside to sample the spectrum of vintages on offer. But which offers the most exclusive and unforgettable experience for connoisseurs of the grape?


Here, we expose four of the most exclusive wine experiences to savour in Europe.

Château Siaurac, Bordeaux

Marrying a fascinating heritage with some of the boldest reds of the Bordeaux region, Château Siaurac has come to typify the charm, poise and expertise of French viticulture. The estate boasts a majestic château and garden recognised for its indelible cultural heritage and beautiful architecture, as well as three individual vineyards given over to the cultivation of red grape varieties, including Malbec and Cabernet Franc. The estate offers tasting opportunities for small groups, and it’s difficult to imagine a more serene place to enjoy a glass of your favourite vintage.


Faust Wine Cellar, Budapest

Few who visit Budapest’s spectacular Buda Castle are aware of the site’s ancient Faust Wine Cellar, where guests can sample some of Hungary’s finest wines and beloved pálinka (traditional Hungarian brandy). Dating back to the 13th century, this is one of the oldest cellar doors on the continent, offering the chance to taste the local offering amid enchanting surroundings. Wine buffs can choose from a number of tasting menus, each designed to showcase the different varieties from across Hungary. The experience is complemented by the resident sommeliers, who provide detailed tasting notes and interesting details about the cellar’s history.

Burmester Cellars, Porto

Trace the history of Portugal’s illustrious port wine at the captivating Burmester Cellars, a port wine cave overlooking the waters of the Douro in the centre of Porto. This fascinating port cellar allows you to sample Portugal’s famous export amid authentic surroundings, whilst learning more about the history and cultural influence of this rich beverage. During a tasting, the Burmester Cellars’ expert sommelier will select three of the finest ports, pairing them with a chocolate treat. What could be better?

Château Franc Mayne, Bordeaux

The depth of winemaking excellence is so great in France’s Bordeaux region, it would be criminal to include just one winery from the region on this shortlist. So, here we have Château Franc Mayne, one of the finest vineyards in the commune of St.


Emilion, whose history dates to the time of the Romans. Franc Mayne is one of the few Right Bank wineries in Bordeaux to receive Grand Cru classification, in recognition of its exceptional vintages. During your visit, don’t miss the 2009 Château Franc Mayne, arguably the finest option in the winery’s 17th-century cellars.

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  1. Hugh says:

    As a lover of Portugal’s port I would have to agree that port and chocolate are a magical combination. Cheers!

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