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Top 5 reasons to cruise the Seychelles by luxury yacht

With the Seychelles – one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos – as your backdrop, there’s no doubt your holiday to the Indian Ocean will be a luxurious one. But how about making your trip of a lifetime even more indulgent by cruising the islands on a luxury yacht? Grand Anse La Digue There are many reasons why savvy travellers will love splurging for a luxury yacht around the Seychelles. Here are the top five reasons why you should be ticking this opulent holiday off your bucket list – get the sun cream and sunglasses ready. Unlimited water sports Though large cruise ships regularly have their own swimming pool, on a luxury yacht the whole ocean will be your playground. The Indian Ocean is renowned for its jaw-droppingly azure hue, with tropical fish easily seen through the crystal-clear waters, and many luxury yachts that sail between the Seychelles’ islands have their own marina platform for you to enjoy. Jet skiing, water skiing, kayaking, snorkelling…the world’s your oyster when it comes to exploring the Indian Ocean on a luxury yacht. Imagine whizzing along the water with no land or huge cruise ship to be seen – bliss. All-inclusive holidays Sailing on a luxury yacht is all about ease and freedom, which is why many choose to offer cruises on an All-Inclusive basis. Help yourself to as many refreshing drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – as you like, and tuck in to delicious dishes knowing there won’t be a hefty bill at the end. The water sports mentioned before are included too, so you can hop on a jet ski and explore the ocean whenever or wherever you like. Crystal Cruises, a luxurious small cruise company offering incredibly opulent itineraries and yachts, even go so far as to offer two complimentary shore excursions with Crystal Adventures® (one culture-inspired activity and one soft adventure) in every port, extending the All-Inclusive glamour to the islands. Yoga onboard Crystal Esprit Gourmet cuisine Board a large cruise ship and you may be inundated with over 10 restaurants, making mealtimes a maze. Luxury yachts instead go down the simplistic route, offering decadent, gourmet cuisine caught and cooked fresh from the sea or the islands themselves. Fine Dining onboard Crystal Esprit Though not offering as many restaurants as a big cruise, every eatery on board adopts a fine-dining atmosphere, serving up only the best cuisine, and all with innovative style. With only a limited number of passengers on board too, you’re much more likely to enjoy bespoke dishes on a small luxury yacht. An intimate experience Many luxury yachts only allow a small number of passengers, for instance the Crystal Esprit and its maximum capacity of 62 guests. This makes for a truly personalised and intimate experience, where emphasis is put on making sure every single guest has everything they need and more. Stylish Suites onboard Crystal Esprit Quiet and tranquil, cruising on a luxury yacht is a peaceful experience, and the smaller number of passengers makes it easy to make friends and enjoy the beauty of the Seychelles together. The staff get to know you easily, there’s no queues for the restaurant or the marine platform – a smaller vessel means a much more bespoke experience. Accessibility to the smaller islands One of the most spectacular parts of the Seychelles is its smaller islands, sometimes completely unspoilt with no hotels or houses in sight, and instead covered in thick rainforest, framed by sugary sand beaches, and abundant in exotic wildlife. Luxury Yacht Cruising around the Seychelles on Crystal Esprit Cruising on a small luxury yacht gets you off the beaten track and gives you exclusive access to these hidden gems, making it easy to dock at uninhabited islands and explore everything it has to offer. Curieuse Island, for example, is a gorgeous granite island with no hotels or restaurants – instead, it’s a treasure trove of wild tortoises and tropical flora, and the only way to visit this incredible, unspoilt land is by a small boat. If you’re hoping for a cruise that’s personalised, easy-going, fun, and takes you to places far away from the usual tourist spots, you will relish a Seychelles cruise on a luxury yacht. Mags Longstaff is Product & Marketing Director at Tropical Sky. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I have been on many regular cruises but never thought about a cruse on a luxury yacht. The article was very interesting and makes me want to find out much more. I guess the first question being how big a difference is the cost between the two kind of cruises. Mark

  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed the article. Prices vary considerably but you are looking in the region of £4000 per person for a 7 night luxury yacht cruise. Please click on the weblink for our full range of cruise options in the Seychelles. Best regards Donna.

  3. The Seychelles is one of those places that will always have a certain je ne sais quoi. For decades it has been a firm favourite for my family.

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