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5 great reasons to visit Cyprus in 2017

Cyprus had been a popular tourist destination for many years. Yet, it still holds many secrets for you to discover. The New York Times voted Cyprus as a destination to visit in 2017. If that is not reason enough for you to book your getaway to this eclectic island, here are five more… Beaches Lets start with the basics. Cyprus has amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and a tonne of beach activities. You can paddleboard, windsurf, kite-surf, go diving, or try something new like fly-boarding. If you’re not up for water sports, you can lounge in a cabana, listening to deep summer jams in one of the many upscale beach bars. Alternatively, you can hire a yacht for the day and go sailing along the southern coastline. If you are traveling as a couple, head to the western beaches of Akamas, where you will find gorgeous pink sands, turquoise lagoons and stunning sunsets. cyprus beach Cypriot wines The people of Cyprus have been making wine for nearly 4000 years. Legend has it that they were taught by no other than Dionysus, the God of wine himself. While Cyprus wines are not common on supermarket shelves, they are gaining increasing recognition from connoisseurs worldwide. Get ahead of the curve and discover the local palate through the 7 wine routes from the sun-kissed Troodos mountain range, through the rural areas of Larnaka and Lefkosia to the coastal Limassol and Paphos. Cyprus Wine Fresh food Food is central to Cypriot life. The locals love to eat, and they do it well. All year round, you will be spoilt for choice with fresh seafood, delicious vegetables and juicy fruits. Cyprus cuisine is a mix of Greek and Turkish influences, with simple but bold flavours and an emphasis on seasonality. For fresh fish and authentic seafood meze, head to Zygi – a fishing village between Larnaca and Limassol. If you are looking for something more refined, check out one of the many high-end restaurants in Limassol. Cyprus Food Unique culture Due to its unique location and turbulent past, Cyprus’ culture is a real melting pot. This year, Paphos takes on the role of the European Capital of Culture. Cyprus marries modern comforts with ancient heritage. Here, you can wake up in a five star hotel, spend the day discovering pre-historic ruins, watch a Shakespeare play in an roman amphitheatre and go for a Michelin-standard dinner afterwards. Cyprus Culture Nightlife As with food and activities, there is something for everyone in Cyprus when it comes to nightlife. Whether you want to dance on white leather couches, sipping Champagne under a starry sky, rave to a famous DJ, or simply relax listening to live jazz, Cyprus has you covered. Shisha buffs will be pleased to know that every high-end restaurant, hotel and club has shisha service. For an unforgettable, and highly instagrammable experience, try the Full Watermelon – a shisha that uses a huge watermelon instead of the classic water jar. Cyprus Nightlife

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  1. I didn’t know there was so much to do in Cyprus! I went a few months ago – had I only read this article then! Will be taking a tour to those vineyards you mentioned.

    Thank you – Great article! Will you be writing more?

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