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Why Canada this year?

Canada has four distinct seasons – which includes Winter but also includes a Summer. In cities such as Montreal and Toronto you will find buildings generally come with air conditioning because the Summers are hot and humid and these switch to heating units in the winter months. And yes, as the world’s second largest country, we do offer some of the world’s genuine wilderness but we are also home to youthful, fresh, lively cities – where people know how to enjoy themselves and party, go to exhibitions, theatre, comedy. And yes, we do have Mounties and moose but we also have polar bears and whales, and the locals, Mounties or not, are renowned for their friendliness and warmth of the welcome. Tundra Buggy -Churchill Canada boasts all the trappings of luxury – five star hotels, excellent service, amazing select lodges, and five star experiences that capture truly goose bump moments. Private float plane transfers are not uncommon or being helicoptered into a ski or hiking resort. Sometimes the luxury is not necessarily in the luxury bedding or the ‘oh so’ bathroom but being away from your world, meeting like-minded people from other parts of the world, doing or seeing things that are new and different from the everyday. Creating those memories that stay with you for a lifetime are a luxury in a world where we are all busy, and feeling stressed. Rather than five star, some might call Canada a billion star destination – as it’s the place where you can come out at night and see a sky full of stars, watch shooting stars and the Northern Lights, see the light twinkle on the lake or through the trees, on a puff of powder snow or in a spray of water coming off your paddle, experiencing the midnight sun, leaving you feeling exhilarated and revived. Northern Lights - Yukon Your luxury Canadian trip could be an exclusive tug boat sailing the Inside Passage in British Columbia, a luxury heli ski break, checking out the midnight sun in a Yukon wilderness lodge in the far North, checking into a city hotel famed for its Hollywood stars when they are in town filming and maybe even mingling with them at an International Film Festival or a new restaurant opening. It could be grizzly bear watching from a floating lodge in the Great Bear Rain Forest or viewing polar bears from a tundra buggy lodge. Heli Ski - British Columbia These are trips that need planning in advance. The window of opportunity is short, in some cases linked in with animal migration patterns as they often are, or once a year seasonal experiences. There are lots of tour operators who specialise in Canada and can help pull together a tailor made package. With a country the size it is, it is easy to misunderstand the distances between places and travel times so using a tour operator or Canada specialist agency to help you plan it could save you errors and benefit you in their knowledge of the destination. Nim Singh is the Media and PR Manager at Destination Canada. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’ve never associated Canada for outdor activities. I’ve always come to visit relatives who live in the city and we always do city things. But seeing as we’ve all been cooped up in out homes this 2020, I’ve been given a chance to discover and gain an interest in other travel activities. I came across this post searching for such things to do. For me, Canada would be the most accessible to see the Northern Lights, although it makes me wonder how high the percentage of seeing it in Canada than Iceland. And I really love winter, so skiing is always a go for me. I’d be too scared of the wild during this time as I’m not really that adventure kind of outdoors person.

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