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5 tried and tested items from our latest trip

You could be forgiven for thinking this is some idyllic paradise in the Maldives. Sadly, it was somewhere much colder! The scene you see is in fact sunrise at Beaver Sailing Club, not a million miles from the not-so-picturesque town of Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Our sons were there for some sailing winter training, but a lack of luxury accommodation in the area means you won’t find any write-up about where we stayed (a neraby Premier Inn). Sunrise at Beaver Sailing Club Sadly also, a lack of wind meant that they didn’t get out on the water as much as they’d have liked, but the weekend nevertheless allowed us to try out some great new gear: Junior Salt Jacket from Helly Hansen Our boys have one of these in red and one in blue, and both look great. It’s something they can wear whilst rigging their boat, before they get changed into their drysuits, and again to keep warm after a day’s sailing; it’s something they love wearing and comes complete with Helly Tech® protection. As well as being waterproof and windproof, it’s made from a breathable 2-ply construction and has 360-degree reflectivity. As with all Helly Hansen gear, style and function remains at the fore. Helly Hansen Junior Salt Jacket Evo Aqua case from tech21 Ever since I made the mistake of playing in the shallow waves with my children on one holiday in France, and forgetting that my iPhone was in my pocket, I’ve been a little paranoid about going near water with my phone. Having the peace of mind of the Evo Aqua case from tech21 gives me the reassurance I need whether I’m on the shore or venturing out on a rib boat, and protects the phone up to water depths of two metres. It’s also perfect if you’re just out in light rain or somewhere where the phone might get messy, and its FlexShock™ material helps to absorb any shock in the event of you dropping it. tech21 Evo Aqua Junior Dry Set from Helly Hansen Another secret to keeping warm on the shore is this Junior Dry Set from Helly Hansen which uses Lifa Stay Dry Technology to wick moisture away and serves as an ideal base layer. A snug fit has meant our boys are kept warm and cosy throughout their winter training. The garments are soft to the touch and create a dry layer next to the skin to ensure comfort but, should they get wet, antoher bonus is that that they dry quickly. Helly Hansen Junior Dry Set Waterproof action camera from Apeman When it comes to action cameras, GoPro have been market leaders for some time, but it comes at a price. The waterproof action camera from Apeman is made in China and weighs in at around one quarter of the cost of a GoPro HERO4, yet is packed with features including instant video playback, WiFi connectivity and a reasonable battery life. The quality isn’t bad either. We used it for sailing but, since its waterproof to a depth of 30 metres, you could also use it for diving, or of course for a whole plethora of activities on dry land. The video footage is incredibly smooth, even when played back on a large-screen TV. Apeman Large tube mount from GoPRO Many of the standard action camera accessories and fittings that come with the cameras by default don’t have fittings wide enough to go around anything wider than, say, a handle on a push bike. This is where the large tube mount from GoPro comes in. It’s quick to fit and allows you to securely fasten to any tube that’s 1.4 to 2.5 inches in diameter. For us, this made it perfect for fitting to the underside of a boom on a sailing dinghy but it would also have a multitude of other uses. It also works not just with GoPro products which is a bonus for the Apeman. GoPro large tube mount

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