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Walking in Tanzania

My first ever walking safari will always be one of my favourite safari experiences. It completely changed the way I looked at the environment and transformed my safari game drives, giving me a far better understanding of how the animals move within their environment. Looking at an elephant footprint and learning how you can tell which way the elephant had been travelling was so interesting. On my next game dive, I found myself looking at the ground, trying to figure out what had recently passed that way. Walking in the Selous The Selous is a fabulous place to walk – the bush here is not too thick, so you can stride out in the open to explore with your guide. With less bush to impede your line of sight, you have a greater chance of seeing some of the big game while you are on foot. Selous Game Reserve Walking in Ruaha Ruaha National Park is a wild park that offers a fantastic safari experience, and at the heart of this are the walking safaris. Being on foot in Ruaha is the closest you will get to walking in the wild. The bush here is thicker, with a huge number of plant and bird species. A walking safari is the best way to learn about the little things in the amazing ecosystem that is Ruaha. Ruaha National Park Walking in Ngorongoro Crater Walking around the Crater is more about the scenery and the views than the wildlife. Walking here is limited to a small number of camps, but it is one of the best ways to enjoy some of the finest unspoilt views the area has to offer. It is also a very peaceful way to experience the Crater, which can be a very busy place. Ngorongoro Crater Walking in Tarangire At the right time of year, walking in Tarangire is an awesome experience. From late July to October the density of game in the park is increasable, meaning there is a high chance of seeing big game while you are on foot. Tarangire National Park Walking in Mahale Walking in and around Mahale offers so many different experiences. The main one is a hike into the forest to find the chimps. There is also the most amazing insect life around Mahale – at the right time of year, the number of butterflies in the area is incredible. Mahale Mountain National Park Julian Carter-Manning is a Co-founder and MD at Yellow Zebra Safaris. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Incredible stuff Julian! My favourite of the lot still has to be at Kichaka (ruaha) with Moli. The knowledge and passion shone through at every step.

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