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5 great reasons to visit Little Venice

The Italian Adriatic coast stretches along 90 kilometers of shoreline which lie on the Adriatic Sea. Mostly made up of very busy seaside towns like Rimini, we will explore the lesser touristy side of this beautiful and historical area of Italy. Little Venice The small town of Comacchio lies 3 kilometers from the coast on the delta of Italy’s most important river. This proximity to the water allows for an almost unique coalition between it’s inhabitants and the environment. Known as little Venice for it’s lagoons and colorful houses, it has a perfectly preserved historical center. Trepponti Bridge This unusual brick bridge is the symbol of the town of Comacchio. It is actually made up of three bridges which connect three canals and with it’s small towers it almost resembles a castle. Built in 1638 to connect the main canal coming in from the sea to the city center. The Colonnade This never-ending arcade connects the center of town to the Shrine of St. Mary’s. Made up of 143 arches held up by marble columns, it is the longest portico in Italy. It was built to protect the monks as they made their way from the monastery to the center of town. The Roman Ship The small Ancient Delta Museum houses the precious cargo of a roman commercial ship which sank near Comacchio around 100BC and was only discovered in the 80’s during the dredging of a canal. Thanks to the mud, all the ship’s contents have been incredibly well preserved, so it is possible to see  artifacts of the era which are really rare to see anywhere else. The ship itself is not on show as it is sheltered in a nearby location. The pink flamingos One would think that you can’t find any more places with plenty of exotic birds in the middle of civilization – like Italy. But at a short distance from famous touristic you can get easily find yourself in the middle of a bird-watching paradise. Over 14 000 of flamingos and plenty of other birds can be seen in the Saline Park of Comacchio. The area was abandoned after the closure of the salt production in 1984, but from 2005 extreme measures are underway to improve, protect and recuperate this environmental asset. Lunch with a view Located right on the canal, with a view of the Trepponti Bridge, this is a typical Comacchio restaurant. Serving mostly fish and seafood and the speciality of the area; fresh eel! You can enjoy your meal while observing the daily life of the town unfold around you. The Delta of the most important river in Italy offers pastel landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, romantic villages – a bit of everything your soul needs when you are tired of streets, statues, museums. Anna Moggia is Owner of Boutique Hotel Zenana. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. These are some seriously impressive photographs, especially the colour and reflection in the first. I had no idea that there were such massive flocks of flamingos in Italy. Despite visiting Italy quite a few times, I always feel like there is something new to explore and this article has given me even more things to add to my list. Comacchio, here I come!

  2. My boyfriend and I are actually getting the Orient Express to Venice in the Spring and spending a week there. One thing that I will ensure to see are the pink flamingos, I had no idea they visited Venice! I would also love to see the Roman cargo ship, I love to look at the past.

  3. Wow what a truly stunning place. I love the Trepponti Bridge, it’s so unique and the reflection it makes in the water is amazing – I’d love to get some photos of that! And you’re right, I would not think that there would be flamingos there?! Must be gorgeous being able to live amongst such lovely creatures.

  4. Wow these photos look amazing, really makes me want to visit Little Venice! I love pink flamingos, didn’t realise they’d be in Italy. Going here next year with my boyfriend. Can’t wait it looks like such a beautiful place!

  5. You had me at flamingos! In all seriousness Little Venice looks beautiful and I Love your photography too you always capture such beautiful pictures. I adore the little colourful houses it would be such a dream to live there I don’t think I would ever want to leave.

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