The real truth about private air travel

The private jet industry has always been surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions. Many of these serve to put people off, and it’s often people who would otherwise be interested in chartering a jet. Though the industry is growing and more people are flying privately than ever before, there are plenty of people who still view it as a mysterious, alternative world. In actual fact it could be a practical solution to many of their aviation problems. Here’s the real truth about private air travel. It’s much more affordable than most people think That idea that it’s unaffordable is probably the biggest myth about private air travel, and it’s largely propagated by people who have never stepped foot on a private jet and know very little about the industry as it is today. The truth is that the price of chartering a jet is far less than most people would believe. In many instances it can rival commercial air travel, particularly if you regularly fly business or first class anyway, and when you add in all of the other benefits it becomes even more competitive. Private jets are extremely safe There’s a very misguided belief held by some people that flying in a private jet is unsafe. This is simply untrue, and despite the headlines you may have seen, private air travel is one of the safest methods of travel available. Private jets tend to be some of the most modern and well maintained craft in the air and pilots undergo extensive training to be allowed to fly them. There are no TSA checks Private craft aren’t subject to the same regulations as commercial airlines when it comes to TSA checks, which means no waiting in line to be frisked, no body scanners and no restrictions on things like liquids. This makes it far more convenient for the passenger, who is able to get straight onto the flight without any inconvenience. Private jets aren’t just for famous people You don’t have to be excessively rich or world famous to fly in a private jet, and in fact these make up only a small proportion of people who charter their own flights. The biggest users of private air travel are actually business people as it’s the most effective and time saving way to travel. On the whole they’re used by regular people taking regular journeys whether it’s for business or leisure. It’s a simple process to charter a jet Some people have this idea that it’s a complicated process to charter a private jet and that there are all sorts of hidden extras that will need to be accounted for. Though prices aren’t generally listed, this is because it will depend on your destination, choice of aircraft and journey time, meaning each price is unique. With a reputable company it’s simply a matter of requesting a quote, and the number provided will be all inclusive and completely transparent. Bad weather affects charter flights less than commercial airlines Though it’s widely believed that private jets are more affected by bad weather, the complete opposite is true, as charter flights have far more flexibility than commercial airlines. Because a private jet is able to fly into virtually any airport in the world, plans can be changed at short notice to accommodate any adverse weather conditions. This keeps delays and inconvenient cancellations to an absolute minimum with private jets, while they remain extremely common with commercial airlines. Private jets are faster than commercial planes Generally speaking, private jets are the fastest craft in the skies and are capable of going at speeds which far exceed commercial planes. Not only that, but the whole process is faster when flying by private jet, as you skip the security checks, don’t need to be at the airport in advance of your flight and can fly into more convenient locations. This all means that you’ll arrive at your destination quicker than if you travel on a commercial plane. Gayle Anderson is Sales Director at Prestige Jets. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Quite interesting to read about how competative private air travel is now days. In my country Bhutan we given the hilly terrain we don’t don’t have private aircrafts but they do get hired from India and Nepal. Of course, our government has procured two Airbus helicopters which does serve the purpose of private air travel.

  2. This is interesting. I often fly first class but have never thought of chartering or flying in a private jet. It sounds like it might be worth it, especially when going on an important family vacation or larger celebration. The price of plane tickets for the family – especially when extended family is coming – really adds up. This is something I’ll be looking into, so I appreciate the information.

  3. As John has said above, I too often fly first class but have always discounted the thought of chartering a plane as too expensive. Serves me right for not investigating! I suspect that the process is actually much cheaper and easier to arrange than I had thought. We are thinking of having a large family trip next year so will have to investigate.

  4. I did have a feeling that private jet travel was cheaper than everyone makes it out to be – I know a fair few people who do this quite regularly. It would be amazing mainly because you can miss all of the traffic as well as get beautiful views. I’m so glad that you’ve assured me they’re safe, I did always have a bad feeling about them in that respect.

  5. Very interesting read, interesting that its cheaper than most people realise. Will have to look into this more, would be amazing to do this. Would be great to use for a big family trip. Would get some amazing views too!

  6. I have to admit I have never even considered private flying because like you said I thought it was just for people with millions so to hear that it isn’t too expensive is really interesting and having the extra space and less hassle than dying with lots of people. I will definitely be looking more into this for future trips I bet it’s great for small flights to get to see more of a big country!

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