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A day trip on a traditional boat (“vieux grément”) to Houat island

If you like the sound of an unforgettable day sailing to an island paradise, then this one is for you! Owner Jérôme Suillerot and boat captain Olivier will guide you across the Gulf of Morbihan aboard the 22-metre Krog E Barz, a traditional sailing ship with a white hull and distinctive green stripe – a replica of a 1909 lobster boat. Departing in the morning from the quay at Port Navalo, this is a hands-on trip where you get involved with your fellow shipmates. The vessel carries up to 18 passengers and 2 crew. You’ll be shown how to hoist the jib, shouting to the captain when you are ready, and then pulling up the rigging as fast you possibly can when instructed to do so. The 100-square metre mainsail is an even bigger job, requiring four people to get the job done. Once you’re out in the open sea, Jérôme – after preparing and serving coffee – takes a moment to teach you how to read a chart and explain the story of his boat. Passengers also get to take the helm, aiming for the easterly point of Houat island, having to think about which way to point the tiller whilst contending with the wind and waves also. The 5km-long island consists mostly of granite cliffs but a long beach lined with dunes can be found at the eastern end. You arrive on the island in the late morning and have around 4 hours to explore before setting sail for the return leg back to mainland France. Just 250 people live there and motor vehicles are not permitted so any exploring is done on foot or by bicycle (you can hire them on the island). Excursions to Houat island on Krog E Barz take place on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from May to September. To see a video of this wonderful sailing experience in the Gulf of Morbihan, click on the play button below.
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Disclosure: Our trip was sponsored by Brittany Ferries and Brittany Tourism.

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  1. I would love to have a hands on sailing experience like this. It looks hard work, but full of adventure and fun – and a very rewarding experience.

  2. I have never heard of this island, but it seems like an amazing trip and a fun experience. I am looking to surprise my husband and this is a good idea for a holiday in two! We are going to France next summer!

  3. Definitely like the sound of a sailing day out. I don’t think I have ever been properly sailing before! Honestly seems like such a perfect day – as soon as you mentioned coffee I was even more interested. I love the fact that motor vehicles aren’t allowed, I didn’t know such a place existed but I hope there’s more of them out there!

  4. Wow this sounds like an unforgettable boat trip. Looks like a very fun, hands on experience. I haven’t heard of this island before but would love to visit. I am yet to go sailing but it looks like a very fun experience. I’ll have to try one day.

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