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Escape to Paradise! Top 5 activities in the Amazon of Ecuador

Gridlock traffic. Sunless days working indoors. The relentless cacophony of the city… do you need to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? A change is as good as a rest! Trade your modern city for an ancient paradise. The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is the perfect place for a unique encounter with nature. The Amazonian village of the Kichwa Añangu Indigenous Community welcomes visitors from near and far. amazon-wildlife-tours ‘Traffic’ takes on a very different meaning here! This location is known as a biodiversity hotspot where the highest numbers of amphibian, bird, mammal, and vascular plant species intersect on a daily basis. Visitors can choose from a number of different vantage points to admire the spectacular, vibrant, awe-inspiring diversity of life in the Amazon Basin. Local and trilingual guides are available to provide visitors with a wealth of knowledge about the many inhabitants of the marvellous ecosystems found here. From the ground up or the canopy down, a hidden viewing blind, or silently paddling up black-water creeks, the photo opportunity you have always dreamed of can be easily found here. Capture the beauty of the moment so you can also reminisce about it later! amazon photography tour Paddle rowing The black waters of the Añangu Lagoon/Lake Añangucocha and its tributaries hold amazing freshwater wonders. Seasoned guides will propel you along ancient waterways in comfortable canoes for hours. We promise to point out all of the creatures you will cross paths with, such as Black and White Caiman. Our luckiest guests have witnessed everything from a majestic Jaguar to the elusive Bush Dog. amazon-travel-holiday Parrot clay licks Spy on clay licks teeming with parrots, macaws and countless other species of birds. These natural mineral deposits are crucial to the well-being and healthy digestion of more than 600 species of birds who live here. The two clay lick locations, one in the forest and another by a river bank, are guaranteed to be hubs of activity. They are even occasionally visited by jungle cats like Pumas and Jaguars, and the shy Tapir with its adorable elephant-like snout. Parrot-clay-licks Hiking Explore a total of 16 trails through different terrains such as “terra firme”, “várzea”, and swamp forest in search of the best that Amazonia has to offer. The varying geography promises different creatures to discover. You may even enjoy an evening walk to witness the astounding nightlife of the dense, entangled understory. Some species only come out when the sun goes down— like tiny frogs, fuzzy tarantulas, and saucer-eyed night monkeys. Hiking Climbing canopy towers We are pleased to offer otherwise impossible panoramic views and face-to-face encounters with canopy dwellers such as monkeys, eagles, toucans, and hummingbirds. A total of four separate canopy towers offer breathtaking 360 degree views of the uppermost reaches of the treetops. All of our structures are sound, 40 meters tall, and inspected regularly as your safety and enjoyment is our priority. Climbing our canopy towers frequently leave guests grinning, speechless, and with a profound sense of awe. Climbing-canopy-towers Local culture at Kuri Muyu Within the Kichwa Añangu Community lies the “Kuri Muyu” Interpretative Center, the heart of our ancestral customs and traditions. A place run solely by the women of the village, this is recognized as exemplary sustainable community-based tourism. They are happy to share the sacred knowledge and ancient melodies we cherish by presenting you with timeless dance and song. Your visit can also include learning practical skills depending on your areas of interest, such as how to start a fire or create jewelry from natural found objects such as seeds. Diego Escobar is Marketing Director at Napo Wildlife Center. Napo Wildlife Center is an eco-lodge offering unforgettable experiences in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, inside Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, which is managed by the Añangu kichwa aboriginal community. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Didn’t know what a ‘clay lick’ was until I Googled it… how interesting. Must be quite a spectacle. Does this happen all year round or is it seasonal?

  2. Anywhere where you get to share nature with animals is a relaxing trip for me. I would love to see the animals at the clay lick does this occur all the time? The boat ride sounds really exciting I would be thrilled to see a Bush dog or jaguar and would be fascinated with water wildlife as long as it doesn’t bite. The birds look stunning too but if I had to choose it would be spending time with locals every time. I would love to find out more about the jewellery making and speak to these amazing women.

  3. Ecuador is on a very good political and economic situation, this makes a perfect opportunity to travel and know a side of the Amazon that may be difficult or dangerous in nearby countries.
    This Wildlife Center seems to be something really awesome to visit.

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