Recipe of the week: ‘Tigre’ mussels

Tapas is a very typical way to eat in Spain and well-known throughout the world. It is based on the idea of selecting a combination of different plates and sharing the dishes with your friends, instead of ordering the plates separately and eating from a single plate. Spain is also the largest producer of mussels in Europe so this tapas dish is a classic when it comes to Spanish gastronomy.

Ingredients for 15 mussels

7.5g olive oil 0,4º
7.5g butter
7.5g chopped spring onion
5g chopped fennel
22.5g flour
0.12g milk
12g double cream
30g steamed mussels
0.2 cc smoked and sauteed Paprika of La Vera
10g fino Jerez wine
1 pasteurised egg white


Sauté the spring onions with butter and olive oil, add the flour, and make a blonde “roux”, dunking in hot milk and double cream, before letting it boil. Then add the mussels and the paprika, sauté with wine and adjust with salt. Fill the shells when they are still warm, let them cool down, and finish with egg white and breadcrumbs.

Finally, add a classic Hollandaise sauce of 1 egg yolk separated into two, one of them with a touch of squid ink.

Thank you to Chef Javier Aranda for the recipe.

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  1. Jakey says:

    Love mussels! I usually just opt for moules marinières but this definitely looks like something to try, and sounds like it’s not too complicated to prepare.

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