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5 unique experiences to enjoy on your trip to Cuba

We all know about the cigar factory and Hemingway tour but did you know Cuba has so much more to offer and is fast coming to be on a par with the rest of the world’s capitals. Here are just five of the most popular experiences, from out of the way paladares to unique ways to explore and see the city. Rumba Party at Restaurant Grados A return to old school paladares where the owner is the chef and the house including the kitchen is yours to roam. Raulito chats as he cooks while you enjoy a drink. Expect long lost childhood recipes from pre-revolution Cuba such as the delicious lamb slow-cooked in pru (an eastern Cuba herbal drink) or a countryside classic called farm eggs on a bed of maize. Enjoy the performance of one of Havana’s best folkloric musicians and dancers. Professional dancers will teach you the beautiful art of Rumba, and will explain its history and characteristics, accompanied by live drummers. Rumba, a word that also meant “party”, is a music style developed by Afro-Cuban workers in the poor neighborhoods of Havana and Matanzas.  Exchange at Finca Tungasuk Spending a day in this farm is an invitation to step outside of the tourist bubble and into the world of an organic family farm in the countryside of this beautiful island. You may choose start your day very early and arrive at 7am to work as a volunteer and be a part of the team; or simply visit and enjoy the beautiful setting and the delicious homegrown and homemade juices and food while learning of the everyday life of the lovely couple who started this farm-to-table project. There’s even an option for a short trek to an ice-cold waterfall, for a pre-lunch swim. Galeria Continua International Gallery Continua which represents artists such as Aieiwei and Anish Kapoor has opened this contemporary space in Chinatown and us at CPT can arrange visits as well as private studio visits to their impressive list of the best contemporary Cuban artists, spread around the city in studios in old Havana and Vedado. Galeria Continua representst, Reynier Leyva Novo, Alejandro Campins, Carlos Garaicoa, Susana Pilar, and others. Ride Havana in a Ural motorcycle with sidecar Nostalgic for the old days? Ural motorcycles came to Cuba in 1973, initially supplied by the Soviet Union for military use, but available to the public starting in 1975. This is the perfect opportunity to see Havana like the locals do for an hour, take amazing photos, and meet and converse with retired engineers, veterinarians, etc. Take an e-bike tour of the city This is a wonderful way to see a lot of Havana in a short time. The lithium batteries give you an extra power but you are still using your own energy at a predetermined level. They are great for hills and in warm weather. Go for a day or half a day at the beach, a panoramic tour of the city, or a ride along the Havana harbor, visiting non-touristy sites and streets. Johnny Considine is CEO of Cuba Private Travel. Cuba Private Travel is a private travel company that creates extraordinary bespoke experiences on the Caribbean island of Cuba. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Hi Jonny – thanks for the ideas. Will definitely try out an e-bike on my next trip to Cuba. Have been on one once before and it’s certainly a convenient way to see a bit more than you might do on a conventional bike.

  2. I must admit I didn’t know you could do any of these in Cuba. I knew it was a beautiful country but now I want to go to a Rumba party. A day at the farm sounds like a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle as well. I have always wanted to go in a sidecar as well so I think I would definitely take in the city that way. E bikes are great too a cheap and economical way to explore.

  3. I get the idea about stepping outside of the “tourist bubble” but I’ve never been to Cuba before. Of course I’m going to run about excitedly doing the Cigar Factory. And how wrong would it be to arrive in Cuba and not pay tribute to the great Hemingway.

    But I do understand the need to step off the beaten track and see “the real Cuba”. But would you go to New York and not to the Statue if Luberty? Would you go to Sydney and not do the Opera House?

  4. I think you forgot about renting or riding in those vintage cars. They’re quintessential Cuban if you ask me. You won’t find that much vintage cars plying the streets anywhere else. But great post!

  5. Cuba seems to be the cool destination for so many of my friends that I thought that I had better do some research into why it’s so popular right now. Not sure though about starting work at 7 am though on a Finca. But otherwise it’s looking a really appealing destination.

  6. When I hear Cuba I immediately think about cigars and Havana. I guess, as evidenced by this post, it is because these are iconic of the country. Cigars because of history and they’re the best, I heard. And Havana because of the harbor and the beach. But I also think about old cars. I love vintage cars but only collect them in diecast form. I’d love to go on that Ural and see the city with my hair in the wind. I wonder how they’re doing during this pandemic.

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