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Unplug from the digital world in Beautiful Samoa

With the increasing amount of time spent on electronic devices and constantly finding oneself on the web and social media, more travellers are seeking destinations to truly retreat away from modern technologies. For those looking to take on a detox, Beautiful Samoa is an idyllic destination that’s got the power to completely unplug you away from the digital world. Situated in the heart of the South Pacific between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa is known as the treasured islands of the South Pacific – the true heart of Polynesia. Its natural beauty welcomes visitors with turquoise blue waters, clear skies and pristine white beaches. Here you can relax on Lalomanu Beach, named one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world; the perfect spot to go back to basic, soak up the sun or watch the starry skies with its’ breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the scenic mountains of Upolu. For a complete break from the hussle and bussle of modern life, here visitors can opt for a traditional beach front accommodation and spend the night in one of Samoa’s beach fales. An overnight stay in these local huts offers a unique experience to fall asleep under the stars and share the life of the local villagers. With an average temperature of 30 degrees all year long, Samoa’s main two islands offer plenty of opportunities to reconnect with nature too. Discover To Sua Ocean Trench, a 30-metre deep crater filled with sea water, get splashing at the “Papaseea Sliding Rocks” (natural water slides) on Upolu; lose yourself in the tropical Falealupo Rainforest Reserve or marvel at the spectacular Alofaaga Blowholes on Savai’i. A sanctuary for a perfect getaway, Samoa focuses on what matters the most: its people and a 3,000 year old way of life – Fa’a Samoa – a guideline for every Samoan on how to lead their lives by celebrating and embracing traditional values, their culture and environment. For more information on Samoa visit www.samoa.travel

Paul Johnson

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  1. It is really important to really unplug sometimes. I think that there is so much technology in the world that we get too wrapped up in it. Even when we travel we can often be too busy taking in the world through a lens. Samoa sounds like the perfect place to open your eyes technology free and really enjoy the world in its beauty. Now I feel like I need to book a flight and unplug myself!

  2. You can’t do this to us. You’ve tempted us with a slice of paradise. We need to know more and some more pictures would be appreciated too. The idea of a digital detox is fab. Staying in the huts would be great where else can we stay after that? What local food specialities should we try? Is there a local liquor? And what about one of Samoa’s biggest exports – rugby players? Could we get to see a game?

  3. I know very well that dependency on technologies and gadgets is getting to an alarming level. Even young children are finding it hard to part with their gadgets for even just a day! I grew up in a time where the only technology we have are landline phones, cable TV, and a desktop computer with dial-up internet. That being said, I find it’s easier to “detox” from technology if you’ve lived without it at some point in your life.

    Having an enchanting place and a lot of activities to do will certainly help. Thanks for this reminder, that once in a while we do need to step away from technology and enjoy the world.

  4. Samoa truly does sound like the perfect getaway location. The more I learn about all these islands scattered in the South Pacific, the more I found out how many there are. It’s actually quite astounding. Very adventurous to go there!

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