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Top 5 places to visit in the Barossa Valley

Located just one hour north of Adelaide, South Australia’s Barossa Valley is heaven for those who have a passion for food, wine and luxury travel. Famous for producing some of the world’s best Shiraz Barossa is also home to the finest quality produce you can imagine. A warm welcome, beautiful scenery, world class arts culture and a glass that’s always (at least) half full await you at this superb destination. Here are my top 5 experiences to put on your agenda… Seppeltsfield The Seppelt family are regarded as one of Australia’s most successful wine dynasties and a trip to this expansive property will give you a glimpse into a piece of wine history. Seppeltsfield winery is home to an unbroken line of Tawny with every vintage represented from 1878 to today. Booking in to taste your birth year tawny from barrel is an experience that is truly unique in all the world. JamFactory Craft and Design Studios Located on the Seppeltsfield property, JamFactory is a truly world class gallery and studio space that allows you a backstage pass into the workshops of some of South Australia’s most celebrated artisans. Meet the makers and view their skills in action. Don’t forget to stop by the gallery and retail shop for a memento… Two Hands Wines At Two Hands cellar door you will taste through a collection of some of the Barossa’s most premium wines. An assortment of single vineyard wines demonstrate the varied terroir of the region and you can get far closer than just a tasting… be sure to book one of Two Hand’s famous vineyard experiences to discover Barossa behind the scenes. Barossa Farmers Market Where great wine grows great food grows, too. Saturday morning at the farmers market is buzzing with locals and is the perfect place to sample Barossa produce at its peak freshness. Grab a coffee, wander and chat with the growers. You’ll probably make some new friends along the way. Casa Carboni A cooking school and enoteca run by formidable husband and wife team, Matteo and Fiona. Here you’ll find the best pasta this side of Parma and don’t even get me started on the bombolone… Do yourself and favour; book in for a Taste of Italy class and learn the classics from a master. Then, enjoy a long lunch like your part of the family. Emma Welling is the Director of Sales and Marketing at The Louise. The Louise is a boutique vineyard retreat located in the heart of the Barossa Valley. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I had to look up enoteca for a definition. It derives from the Latin for a Wine repository. So if you visit I would expect a wine store. The modem Italian meaning, so I read, suggests that there may be retail opportunities too for buying some wine.

    1. Hi Pete, you’re exactly correct. Casa Carboni offers cooking classes, dining and has small retail space filled with interesting wines and beautiful home wares that the owners have sourced on their travels in Europe.

  2. I’m intrigued by the cookery class at the Casa Carboni but slightly intimidated by the “formidable” Matteo and Fiona. In what way are they formidable?

    I guess as well, from the name, that there’s some fusion going on. Matteo brings the Italian influence and Fiona pitches in with knowledge of local ingredients? It sounds a fascinating combo, maybe we could have a future post on them. How long do the courses last and what do they cover?

    1. Hi Maggie,

      Fiona and Matteo are formidable in their capabilities. For a team of just two people they manage to juggle business and family in a way that inspires respect and admiration from our community. They are also the most warm and generous hosts.

      Their classes generally run on Saturday’s and Sunday’s starting at 9am and finish at 2pm. Follow this link to find out more…


  3. Being a wine and cheese person that I am, I grabbed the opportunity to visit Barossa Valley when I was given the chance to visit my relatives in Adelaide last summer. A day of my visit fell on a Saturday, so I was lucky enough to stop by the farmers market to try out their latest wines and produce. Having heard the farmers’ wine success stories made me appreciate the drink even more. It is a wonderful experience overall.

  4. I adore wine but sadly I was ill for well over a year and the doctors banned me from drinking. Nor was I well enough to fly.

    Luckily I’m now fit enough to fly and I am enjoying researching destinations where I can indulge my love of travel and wine. A tour of the Barossa Valley looks as if it could satisfy both my cravings. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  5. Once the bush fires are extinguished Australia will need a lot of help to recover. People often forget that the tourism industry is a major employer for so many Australians.

    Tourists usually react quicker to bad news than to good news and I fear that many thousands will be slow to realise that the fires are out.

    To do our bit to help, we are planning a big trip round the South East of Australia around April or May.

    I’ve been doing some research on A Luxury Travel Blog and we’ll definitely be calling in to the Barossa Valley.

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