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Top 5 luxury watersports on offer in Barbados

Barbados is a luxury, dream destination for thousands of tourists each year. With so much to see and do it is easy to understand why it boasts such popularity and outstanding reputation.  For many, the pull is the diverse water-based sports and with the crystal clear inviting sea and stunning backdrop who can resist. Here are five of the best luxury watersports on offer in Barbados. 1. Barbados Blue One of the most outstanding dive schools in the world, Barbados Blue is located in Bridgetown and offers so many activities for water lovers.  Whether you want to scuba, free dive or snorkel this is one of the best places to go.  Their qualified instructors will ensure that you are well looked after, and they offer PADI qualifications for those looking to get qualified.  They place a heavy emphasis on the eco-friendly, so this is an excellent school for those who want to remain environmentally conscious in everything they do.  Customers rave about their time there with many returning time again to expand their experience. 2. Jetblade Barbados Even those with lots of extreme water activity experience may not have had the chance to participate in jetblading. Relatively new, this high adrenaline hydro flight system is exhilarating and makes the perfect activity for the adventurous thrill seekers.  The futuristic-looking kit is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are water confident, this could be the ideal way to spend your afternoon. It is also a great place to start for budding IronMan enthusiasts as this is about as close to flying as it gets. We just can’t promise you will see the famous actor himself during your visit. 3. Good Times Catamaran Cruises If you prefer something a little more sedate, and a more gentle way to explore the glorious waters surrounding this fantastic island. Charter one of their luxury catamarans and cruise in style or try one of their other activities.  From wakeboarding to scuba diving, turtle spotting or fishing tours this Saint James Parish based company has plenty to offer and ranks as one of the best on the island. 4. Spy’s Watersports With a similar principle to jetblading, flyboarding is another futuristic watersport touted as the next most significant thing.  Walking on water, this requires a reasonable level of balance but at least when you fall you land in the crystal blue, and it generally doesn’t hurt. This air based propulsion system is a fun, heart racing way to spend your time in the sea. 5. Radical Watersports In Speightstown, you will find Radical Watersports offering another vast range of activities from waterboarding to jet skiing and loads in between. Fun for all the family there are activities to suit every level, and the school has an excellent reputation for customer care and attention. Whether you want to ski or spot turtles, the friendly instructors will make sure your needs are met. Whatever your choice of water-based activity it is like that you will find it here.

Kerrie Potts

Kerrie Potts is CEO at Exclusive Private Villas. Exclusive Private Villas offers exquisite, handpicked luxury villas around the world. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Once you’ve been on a Catamaran cruise off of the amazing Barbados coast you tend to get a taste for it. If a morning or afternoon isn’t enough some cats are fitted out for longer cruises to another Caribbean island.

    1. Thanks Ted,

      Also to note that there is a big difference between a quality cruise like the ones on offer with R&R cruising and the rowdy drinking boats with music blaring out.

      Happy cruising


  2. Barbados is my all time fave Caribbean Island. It’s not just that the weather’s absolutely perfect and that the scenery is awesome it’s more that they are always ahead of the game. Yes, it’s the ultimate place to chill but there’s lots of adventure for the adrenaline junkies too, as these water sports show.

  3. Good to see the picture of the turtle. There’s a lot of new high tech stuff so it’s great to see the old-fashioned pleasure of swimming with the turtles.

  4. Plenty of blue seas and blue skies in these pictures making it look like the tropical paradise that I’m sure it is. Though are there any times of the year when the seas get a bit rough and which should be avoided?

    1. Hi Kate,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Not really. Barbados has very good weather at all times of year. The breeze, when it does arrive is generally very welcome!!

      All the best


    1. Sharjeel,

      Yes, prices start from $149 USD for 30 minutes and can go to $2500 for a full day.

      Have a look at “Jetblade Barbados” who are one of the main operators.

      Let me know if you do it!



  5. A long time ago I remember driving up to Bathsheba on the Atlantic coast. The waves were huge and there were some serious surfers out there and fragments of broken surfboard on the beach. Is it still a big surfing scene round there? Any other watersports along that coast? I loved it up there it was all a lot more wild and authentic than the Caribbean coast.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, Bathsheba is still a major destination for surfers. Only last year we had a lovely meal at the amazing Roundhouse restaurant overlooking the action in the world famous “soup bowl”. Incredible action.

      You must go back soon!!



  6. I know that it is a bit last century now, and in fact that was the last time I did it in the Caribbean, but you can have plenty of fun on a jet ski. It’s not too expensive to hire one for half an hour or an hour. It really is an exhilarating way out of getting out to sea to view the millionaires coastline. I guess that Jet-skiing is still thriving off Barbados beaches?

  7. I would absolutely try Jetblading and Flyboarding when I plan my trip to Barbados. These activities are perfect for an adrenaline junkie like me. The first time I tried Jetblading was when I went to Sentosa. A beach club called Ola Beach Club opened it last 2016. Jetblading does not really require someone to be a great swimmer, one only needs proper posture and stability. I am looking forward to trying this again in Barbados.

  8. Great article that brought back lots of memories of family holidays. Tried scuba diving for the first time in Barbados and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. If you don’t fancy donning a wetsuit I can recommend Atlantis Submarines – they do a day dive and a night dive.

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