Helicopter Charter - what are the benefits?
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Helicopter charter – what are the benefits?

Helicopter charter is no longer used exclusively by celebrities and the super-rich. It is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport. Not only does it offer a level of flexibility that private jets simply can’t, it is also a very versatile way to travel. Whether you are travelling for business, to a sporting event or hitting the slopes, helicopter charter offers the perfect solution. Read our Top 5 benefits of helicopter charter to find out why.

Point-to-point travel

Helicopters do not need a landing strip; they just need enough space to land. With helicopter charter, it makes getting to your destination a breeze. Depart from you own backyard,  hotel or field and fly direct to your destination. Beat the traffic, save time on transfers and arrive in comfort and style.  If you are looking to make an entrance, then helicopter charter is definitely for you.

Helicopter Charter - what are the benefits?

Multi-city hops

Some helicopters can reach up to a speed of 170 miles per hour making it a fast and convenient way to travel. If you need to visit more than one city in a day then helicopter charter would be the ideal choice. It also eliminates the need for overnight stays which can be costly and highly inconvenient. We all know that time equals money and with a helicopter charter flight you can save both.

Access remote locations

If skiing is your thing, then helicopter charter can save you a lot of time on transfers from the airport to your favourite ski resort. For instance, if you are visiting Chamonix Ski Resort, the nearest airport to this resort is Geneva. Once you land, you then have another 2-hour drive (approx. 80km each way) to get to the resort itself, a total for 4 hours by road. If you charter a helicopter, you can fly direct to Chamonix Heliport in approx. 20 minutes, a total saving of 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Helicopter Charter - what are the benefits?

Make an impression

First impressions count and what better way to make an impression than by arriving to that all-important business meeting by helicopter. It sends out a clear message that you are willing to invest money and get the job done. So, take to the skies, get there faster, in style and exude power and professionalism everywhere you go.

Helicopter Charter - what are the benefits?


And finally, one benefit that you get from helicopter charter flights and not from private jets is the ability to do some sight-seeing on your way to your destination. Helicopters are not permitted to fly above regular aircraft and can fly at different heights, making it the perfect solution for sightseeing tours. The large windows also allow passengers to take in the spectacular aerial views and the ability to stay in one place means you can get some amazing photo opportunities too. There truly is no better way to see a city than flying above it in a helicopter.

Once you have experienced the convenience and versatility, along with the exceptional views and thrilling adventure travelling by helicopter has to offer, we are certain you will agree, there is no better way to travel.

Vickie Clark is Client Services Director at The Private Jet Boutique Ltd. The Private Jet Boutique Ltd. is a one-stop shop for private jet charter, helicopter charter, scheduled flights and luxury holidays.

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Vickie Clark

Vickie Clark is Client Services Director & Owner of Private Jet Boutique. Private Jet Boutique takes the stress out of your travel planning and is dedicated to saving you time and money. Private Jet Boutique specialises in worldwide private jet and helicopter hire and is the only jet hire company in the UK to offer a 0% commission, ‘invite only’, private jet membership programme, saving the frequent flyer thousands of pounds! Vickie has over 10 years’ experience in the luxury travel market. Her passion for helping people, knowledge of the private jet market, as well as her transparent approach to private jet charter is what drives the company forward!

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  1. There’s s real drama to being whisked around in s helicopter, all part of a VIP’s life. I suppose the real advantage of a helicopter is that it can take you to within a few dozen years of where you need to be. When time’s precious and you just haven’t got time to mess about with transfers to and from an airport a helicopter is the only way to go.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment. You are right, there is definitely something very james bond-esque about arriving by helicopter. As you mentioned, most people like the time-saving benefit that helicopter charter provides.

  2. I’m not the happiest of passengers in a helicopter, the reverberations tend to churn my stomach a little. However, such small considerations are far outweighed by the convenience of the helicopter as a means of transport. In addition, you are privileged to partake in some stunning views, particularly over cities.

    1. Hi Roger, helicopters are not for everyone but if you are a confident flyer and don’t have a fear of heights then it is definitely an experience not to be missed!

  3. No doubt that helicopter is the way to get around when you’ve got a busy programme. I keep getting visions of Top Jockeys being helicoptered round the country so that they can give themselves the best chance of riding the maximum number of winners in an afternoon.

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for your comment. I have never had a request from a Jockey but it may be a market that would potentially benefit from helicopter charter. However, there are many guests of events such as Royal Ascot and Cheltenhem who charter a helicopter in order to beat the traffic and arrive in style.

  4. Taking a helicopter is certainly a versatile, convenient way to travel if you can afford to. Oh, how the other half live! If I had the ability, and a busy schedule, I’d definitely consider a chopper because you’d save on so much time and hassle by not going on the roads, trains, or through airport terminals, all of which can come end up with delays and cancellations to send your blood pressure through the roof!

    1. This very true Jo! The biggest benefit of helicopter charter is beating the traffic. For busy cities like London, where people want to cut down on their commute, it is ideal. I have clients who fly by plane to London and to avoid being stuck in traffic jams on their way into Central London, they hire a helicopter to take them to Battersea Heliport – only a 20 minute transfer into somewhere like Mayfair. Alternatively, you can depart from your backyard and be in London within an hour from somewhere like Manchester. For a high profile executive, this saves a lot of time, and time is money.

    1. Hi Roy, thanks for your comment. The average speed of a helicopter is dependent on the engine installed. Some piston engine helicopters average a speed of around 90 miles per hour and a turbine engine, which runs on ‘Jet-A’ fuel, averages a speed of beetween 130mph-170mph (depending in its size). As a comparison, if you were driving from Manchester, UK to London, UK it would take you between 3.5 to 4.5 hours by car. In a helicopter you can be there within an hour, so it saves a lot of time.

  5. I liked that you said that one reason to consider utilizing helicopter transportation is that it will allow you to sight see in new locations. I have been thinking about taking my husband on vacation but I haven’t been sure how to get to the new destination. will consider scheduling helicopter transportation so that we can enjoy the view on the way.

    1. Hi Ashley, thanks for the comment. If you are looking to explore a new destination and get spectacular views then helicopter charter is definitely the way to go. Let me know how you get on if you do decide to take a helicopter. Have a great trip.

  6. Thanks for explaining that the large windows in helicopters allow you to go sightseeing and can even allow you to take excellent photos. My wife would like to take photographs of buildings that she can use as a reference for when she learns how to be an architect, but she needs to find a way to photograph them from multiple angles. Maybe a helicopter tour would allow her to get the pictures that she needs.

  7. Right now, this is looking like the future of travel. At least for the next few weeks/months. It’s good to have this option when there are inevitable cancellations from political and societal hardships. It definitely offers a sense of security for when times get rough.

  8. What caught my attention is when you said that renting a helicopter ride could provide you with thrilling adventures and exceptional views. This must make sense for my father who has been wanting to visit some relatives in a different state next week. I want him to feel relaxed and comfortable during the trip, so it will make sense for him to consider renting a helicopter.

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