A look at Jock Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park

Untamed. Untouched. Unforgettable.

Jock Safari Lodge describes itself thus. It is a description which isn’t pure marketing hyperbole, either. Spend just an hour in this magical space deep in the African bush and you’ll see exactly what we mean. For at Jock Safari Lodge you will experience nature just as nature intended. Untamed. Untouched. Unforgettable.

Find adventure at Jock Safari Lodge

Jock Safari Lodge: The place

A luxurious 5-star private safari lodge situated in the South-Western corner of the iconic Kruger National Park – also known as ‘the Big Five region’, Jock Safari Lodge offers the kind of luxury safari experience that few believe exists outside of imagination and extravagant (but fake) blockbuster movie sets. But exist it does.

Built at the confluence of the Mitomeni and Biyamiti rivers, with exclusive traversing rights, across 6,000 hectares of wildest African landscape, the wildlife sightings at Jock Safari Lodge are unparallelled. Big 5 sightings are all but guaranteed.

Now add in two luxury lodges, offering accommodation options ranging from family-friendly to honeymoon-heaven and everything in between; personal game drives; guided wilderness walks; bird watching; spa treatments; stargazing; golf; kids’ programmes and more, and we think you’ll find that unforgettable relaxation and escape is absolutely guaranteed.

Jock Safari Lodge Spa

Jock Safari Lodge: The legend

More than all this, though, Jock Safari Lodge offers a unique, fascinating history – and legend – that really sets it apart from all the other luxury safari lodges out there. Named for Jock of the Bushveld, a rather special dog with a firm grip on South Africans’ hearts and the country’s literary history, Jock Safari Lodge was started by the Niven family, descendants of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick – and owner of Jock.

Fitz was first lured to this place in 1884 by the promise of gold. On his way to Thula Mela, the gold trading centre of Southern Africa, he passed through some of Africa’s most scenic, untamed wilderness. And it was this place, where Jock Safari Lodge now stands, which kept him here.

Main Jock Lodge

Along the way, Fitz acquired his dog Jock, who would accompany him through life, and many an escapade, in a place where adventure lives around every corner. (You can read all about their adventures in the book authored by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, entitled ‘Jock of the Bushveld’. Original mementoes from Fitz and Jock’s many escapades are also on display at the Main Lodge.) Today, thanks to the Niven family, who used the trust funds Sir Fitzpatrick left to them to build a lodge in the area close to where Fitz and Jock lived their dreams, you can experience some of that adventure yourself.

Amazing sights at Jock Safari Lodge

Jock Safari Lodge: The details

At a glance

  • All meals included, including High Tea before the late afternoon game drive and a unique Boma dinner experience
  • A selection of house beverages and game drives beverages included
  • Big 5 sightings
  • Twice-daily guided game drives included – early morning and late afternoon
  • Guided bush walks upon request
  • Conservation fee applicable
  • Kids’ programmes, including Junior Ranger, night walks within camp, and more.

Game drive at Jock Safari LodgeAccommodation

There are two accommodation options:

Main Jock Lodge

12 individual thatched suites, screened by lush trees and reed walls, allow for complete privacy and harmony with the unspoilt wilderness surrounds. Each suite is built to overlook the rivers, offering exclusive bushveld vistas and game viewing from you own personal “sala” (thatched viewing deck), plunge pool, romantic victorian ball and claw bath, and outdoor shower.

Main Jock Lodge - Sala

Fitzpatrick’s at Jock

Perfect for small parties and families, Fitzpatrick’s at Jock offers three luxurious suites, all with their own viewing deck over the unspoilt Kruger bushveld, indoor or outdoor showers and five-star amenities. Fitzpatrick’s can either be booked as a whole lodge with its own personal chef and game ranger or as individual suites.

Fitzpatrick's Lodge at Jock

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jock Safari Lodge.

Comments (8)

  1. Valerie says:

    Love the idea of High Tea before the sun down game drive. Such a colonial and civilised concept.

    There’s that old Frank Sinatra line, “She gets too hungry for dinner at eight” which I’m afraid sums me up. Many a game drive has been spoilt by my rumbling tummy. High Tea for me would make it a perfect day.

  2. Elizabeth Knowling says:

    I’m going to have to get myself a copy of “Jock of the Bushveld.” It’s just amazing that a dog can sum up the spirit of an age. Then, I feel that I’m going to have to visit The Jock Safari Lodge. I have visited The Kruger National Park before and I saw The Big Five but my safari camp was a little basic and probably housed too many guests. I’d rather create better memories of a safari.

  3. John says:

    Getting all of the close family together, even for the biggest of celebrations, is always a challenging logistical exercise but I think it would be worth the effort to get all of them together staying in Fitzpatrick’s at Jocks. It would be good to have a private chef to prepare meals to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with the children and their partners before we have to fit grandchildren into the plans as well. Neither our son or daughter has ever done a safari. Jock’s would be a great experience for them to start with.

  4. Lynne Gardner says:

    People are always going to be drawn to places which have a genuine heritage, a real connection with their location. The story of Jock is lovely, he must have been a real character. Travellers will always prefer that sort of authenticity, dating back for well over a century, to a vision of a safari created and branded by some marketing team in a corporate office many miles from the bush. Give me the real thing any day of the week.

  5. Ben says:

    I’ve never done a safari but it seems a no-brainer to me that you are always going to choose a camp where you’ve got very good odds on spotting all of the Big 5. It must be very frustrating to travel those distances and spend that kind of money without seeing all the animals that you hoped you would see.

  6. Claire Marston says:

    This sounds incredible. I like that you can stay on a more all inclusive basis with meals included, that makes things a little more convenient. I’m surprised there are two guided game drives a day, is that every day for the duration of your stay? Although I don’t have kids, I think there will be a lot of parents who will find the kids’ programmes to be a fantastic idea because it’s not often I see safari vacations that cater to parents, so it always strikes me as an adult only kind of thing. With how busy and constantly connected we all are all of the time, a little escape to get back to peace and quiet and nature sounds so perfect.

  7. Ian Collins says:

    That outdoor massage and hot tub might just be what I need! And I like that the accommodations really show off the national park while still being able to give you all the luxuries you need to be able to holiday comfortably. I’m just wondering how safe you really are within those netted walls from the bigger animals.

  8. Beautiful blog! What is it that you found standing out about Jock Safari Lodge?

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