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Luxury travel treats: Victorinox luggage, Buttercloth shirts, Arc’teryx footwear and more

Travel might be temporarily ‘on hold’ right now but – rest assured – it won’t be this way forever. And when normality does return, you can be sure there will be plenty of pent-up demand to enjoy some quality time away. For when those happier times do return, here are some ideas for items for that next trip. Lexicon Hardside Case from Victorinox The Lexicon Hardside Case features Victorinox’s practical know-how in a smooth and spacious piece of luggage. A 100% virgin polycarbonate shell with puncture-resistant double racquet coil YKK® zippers with an integrated Travel Sentry® Approved combination lock ensures durability and security. On the inside, the medium case offers 73 liters of capacity, meaning the bag isn’t short on space. Casual dress shirts from Buttercloth Buttercloth is a brand of wrinkle-resistant, super-soft dress shirts that are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. I have a few of these my own wardrobe and they’re made from a unique blend of long-fibre eco-friendly cotton, which makes them the perfect go-to garment for men who travel frequently. Aptly named, they are extraordinarily comfortable, silky smooth and with a six-way stretch, breathable construction that keeps you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Norvan VT 2 shoes from Arc’teryx Talking of comfort, the versatile Norvan VT 2 shoes from Arc’teryx are ideal for travellers who are constantly on the move. Whilst these are actually a trail shoe, they’re perfect for everyday wear, as well as for hiking and, of course, trail running. They combine comfort with durability and come with a Vibram® Megagrip rubber outsole to give you the ultimate in traction. I’ve been wearing these for a while now, both for walking and running, often amassing more than 20,000 steps a day according to my FitBit and have to say that they offer excellent cushioning and comfort without compromising on style. Lightweight yet sturdy, and offering plenty of protection, these trail running shoes also double up as great footwear for travel. Nuraphone headphones from Nura If you’re looking for sound quality with a difference, the Nuraphone headphones are sure to impress. Some unique features include internal pieces that jut into your ears, much like with in-ear buds, and an accompanying smartphone app that enables you to train the headphones to your own ears for the ultimate listening experience. Noise cancelling is available but so too is an optional ‘social mode’ which enables an external microphone to pick up sounds if someone is trying to talk to you. Battery life is 20 hours so will last you for even the longest of flights. REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 The REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 from REN Clean Skincare is a fast-drying, mineral-only SPF that shields your skin from UVA, UVB and blue light, with pollution protection and a matte finish. It’s the culmination of 6 years of research and comes in a tube made from 50% recycled plastic, with a 100% recycled cap, and REN have made a Clean To The Planet pledge, aiming to make packaging fully recyclable by 2021, making this one of the most eco-friendly sunscreens for when we’re finally able to travel again. If you have a product you’d like to see featured in the ‘Luxury travel treats’ series on A Luxury Travel Blog, please contact us. We also post occasional gift round-ups. If you have a luxury travel product that you’d like to see featured in one of those, make sure you sign up on this mailing list in order to receive an alert when we are compiling the next one.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is Editor of A Luxury Travel Blog and has worked in the travel industry for more than 30 years. He is Winner of the Innovations in Travel ‘Best Travel Influencer’ Award from WIRED magazine. In addition to other awards, the blog has also been voted “one of the world’s best travel blogs” and “best for luxury” by The Daily Telegraph.

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  1. It is one of the ironies of lockdown life that many of us are all dressed up with nowhere to go. With time on my hands I have been through my wardrobe and thrown out many old clothes. For me, t’s been an ideal opportunity to browse the internet and refresh my wardrobe. I like the look of the Norvan shoes.

    1. I know what you mean, Gerald. Our house is the tidiest it’s been for a long while! (still some way to go, though). We lead pretty busy family lives and are away a lot so don’t usually get time to sort through things thoroughly. With a lot more ‘at home’ time, we are gradually making our way through the backlog. You will not be disappointed with the shoes (I’m wearing mine now and am just about to take the dog for a walk on the hills) and the shirts are great, too – both so comfortable, but in very different ways: the shoes offering plenty of support and grip, and the shirt has a cosy feel that’s unlike any other shirt I’ve had before.

    2. Shoes look good. I’ve never walked so many miles in my life. Now it’s my only form of exercise I think that I need to invest in a decent pair.

    3. I feel a bit like that at the moment. With the lockdown as it is at the moment, it feels criminal not to get outside for at least an hour each day. Funny thing is, I find myself walking more than I did before!!!

  2. As I’m working from home I start early and finish late so that I can have my 60 minutes of exercise and then a leisurely lunch in the garden. Usually in April, skincare isn’t an issue, but suddenly it is. The REN skincare is an unexpected good call in this weather.

    1. I’ve always used the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face Dry-Touch sunscreen for sun protection but I’ve used a number of other REN products also (and been pleased with them), so may just give this a try.

  3. I have that very suitcase! It doesn’t look as pristine as when I first bought it but it sure is a good case. Very robust and sturdy, and with quite angular corner/sides to maximise on the available space inside. A good size for a week away somewhere.

  4. I’d definitely recommend Victorinox for their Swiss army knives, I’ve had mine for years and it’s incredibly handy. If I’m being honest, I know next to nothing about their luggage range. I’m not surprised the suitcase sounds highly efficient and technical, it’s what I’d associate with the brand. Those shirts look sound good. If they’re good for travel and are pretty much resistant to wrinkles… does that mean I can get away without ironing it? A few less shirts of hubby’s for me to have to iron is a good enough reason to buy him one for his birthday!

  5. It might be too much for new clothes right now since we do get to go anywhere far these days. I only get to the grocers or pick-up a to-go order. However, I’ve learned from watching too many Korean dramas, that skin care is a must. You think staying indoors mean there is no use for sunscreen, but really, we still do. Even if it is cloudy, we still need sunscreen. I can’t believe I’m coming across a skin care product on a travel website, but it is great. I also like the fact that REN thinks about recyclable packaging for its products. I wish more and more brands will think this way.

  6. Casual dress shirts from Buttercloth always impress me because its really comfortable for me . I also agree with your other thoughts. Thanks!

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