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Bringing Auckland to the world during lockdown

A stunning video that captures the beauty and stillness of Auckland, New Zealand is being shared across the world. Produced by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) while New Zealand is in lockdown to tackle COVID-19, Papatūānuku is breathing has resonated with New Zealanders and the global community – so much so that the video has been translated into French and Spanish by two inspired viewers. The two-minute video was made by ATEED staff with a goal of creating a connection and a message that reflects the region’s uniquely Māori culture while using existing Auckland footage. The voiceover was recorded at home by 11-year-old Manawanui Maniapoto Mills in Muriwai, on Auckland’s rugged west coast, and features haunting taonga pūoro (traditional Māori instrumental sounds) by Moana and the Moahunters.
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This includes the putaatara (opening conch shell sound), the purerehua (wind sound) and the kōauau (Māori flute sound at the end). New Zealand’s Department of Conservation provided the native bird sounds. On YouTube alone, the video has already been viewed over 300,000 times across different platforms. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently announced an easing of its lockdown measures after shutting down community transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Paul Johnson

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  1. This made me teary eyed. I miss all the normal things I used to do. I miss my friends and relatives. I miss traveling and feeling the joy of breathing in the world. This video was very well made. The script is amazing and I would love to be the writer that crafted this wonderful string of words. The visuals are wonderful as well and wish that more beautiful and uplifting videos will come out from other places, too. It is true, that the Earth is just breathing, recuperating. It will not go away. It will be there again for us to enjoy. But maybe this time we can enjoy it with the mindfulness that we’ve learned to value due to this pandemic. I can’t wait to get out again.

  2. This is a very impressive video, very moving and young Manawanui did a great job with the voiceover. Well done to Auckland Tourism on making something so touching and well suited to the situation. Shows a lot of the beauty of New Zealand too, so it’s still a bit of a sales pitch but far more geared towards showing solidarity and spreading a little positivity at this time. I’m not surprised it’s a viral hit. Best coronavirus lockdown style promotional video I’ve seen I think. It’ll definitely be hard to beat.

  3. Amazing country, we really enjoyed your video. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to our visit later this year all going well. Stay safe

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