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‘Clean & Safe’ Switzerland

The Swiss tourism industry has launced its ‘Clean & Safe’ campaign. The campaign, consisting of an information platform and a label, was initiated by Switzerland Tourism as part of its ‘Recovery Plan’. For some guests, the step into the new normality comes with doubts and uncertainty. In order to strengthen confidence in Switzerland as a holiday destination, an information platform at www.clean-and-safe.ch provides an overview of all industry-specific protection concepts. The ‘Clean & Safe’ label signifies to guests that tourism service providers have made a conscious commitment to comply with protection guidelines following the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. It is available for hotels, restaurants, lake navigation companies, cable cars, public transportation and meeting facilities. All label holders guarantee compliance with strict rules set by the tourism industry. Berggasthaus Aescher Wildkirchli, Weissbad, Switzerland Switzerland already has a reputation for being clean and safe. An evaluation by Tripadvisor users confirms the country’s high ratings in terms of cleanliness. Switzerland’s way back to the new normality With the first two relaxation sets of measures on 30 April and 11 May, Switzerland has moved towards the new normality. Hotels, museums and restaurants have resumed operations and shopping is possible again. Mountain railways, lake navigation companies and tourist attractions are set to resume business on 6 June and events for up to 300 people will also be allowed to take place again. Sunnegga, Zermatt, Switzerland The opening of the borders with Austria, France and Germany happened on 15th June and for all other Schengen countries the borders will open by 6th July.

Paul Johnson

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  1. Switzerland’s definitely one of the countries that I will soon feel safe to travel too. Their trains are very spacious. In the past I’ve had first class period tickets for five or ten days whilst I’ve travelled around the country. There’s always been a lot of space in first class. One important thing is that when trains stop at stations they usually stop for a few minutes giving people the chance to get on and off. That’s really important as people aren’t all crowded round the doors. Another safe way to travel is the trams. As they are so frequent they don’t get too crowded either. I would also agree about Switzerland’s reputation for cleanliness too.

  2. Like many of my friends I still feel quite nervous about travelling. It’s not just the anxiety of getting ill, it is also the worry of getting unexpectedly stuck in quarantine.

    I would certainly feel far safer travelling to Switzerland than many other countries. The Swiss have a sense of public responsibility that is invaluable when it comes to doing their duty for the common good. Thinking of Geneva, it’s a city of wide walkways and space. There’s plenty of room for everyone to relax on or around the lake.

    I don’t think that you would get any surprise lock downs in Switzerland, the Swiss are logical and organised, highly skilled at managing situations.

  3. Another country opening its doors to travelers. I am happy to read such news especially since I know a lot of people from the travel and tourism industry who have lost their jobs. Slowly but surely, the world is getting back up again. I remember when Switzerland was one of the countries with rising cases of COVID back in April and now they’ve quietly surpassed that mountain. Like most nations opening to tourism, I would assume that they would have a list of health measures to follow to ensure that their situation remains safe for locals and visitors alike.

  4. Switzerland is hailed as one of the countries with the best practices in combating CoVid-19. Their campaign does not only aim to recover from the effects of the pandemic but also to assure tourists that the country is doing its best to ensure safety and observance of health safety measures. The tourism industry of every country is probably an area largely affected by the pandemic and also an aspect which greatly contributes to the economy. With lockdowns being imposed in different countries, the tourism industry falters along with the economy as the cases rise across the world. However, if the government of each country shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the safety of tourists as much as they take care of the locals, it would not be long until the industry flourish once again. The “Clean & Safe” campaign of Switzerland does not only provide an example to its neighbor countries on how to deal with the new normal but also shows a practice that must be observed even without a presence of a health risk or a pandemic.

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