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Lazy winter days in the Caribbean with luxury charter yacht Far Niente

Plan ahead now for a warm winter roaming turquoise seas at your leisure in the Caribbean. This long-popular region for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties has something to satisfy all ages and interests, from historic tours and close wildlife encounters to boutiques, bespoke jewellers and glamorous casinos. The Caribbean islands are efficiently connected by local and international flights for easy accessibility, however consider a luxury yacht charter as a way to get around once you arrive: It combines your transport and accommodation while simultaneously bringing along a whole variety of water toys in addition to a professional crew trained to give you six star service. While your Captain cruises to your next destination, you can be spending quality time with family and friends or sleeping off the night’s excesses in your own private en-suite cabin. The USVIs & BVIs For holidaymakers who want modern convenience and entertainment coupled with a wonderfully warm tropical location, the US Virgin Islands provides perfectly. There are castles and museums in town along with numerous places to pick up a souvenir of your trip, and there are some great opportunities to snorkel with sea turtles and over incredible coral formations such as those at Trunk Bay on St. John. In the British Virgin Islands, Foxy’s and The Soggy Dollar Bar are the places to be on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with fireworks over the bays. Sample rum at the Callwood Distillery and snorkel at the beautiful boulder-lined beach The Baths. Saint Barthelemy (St. Barths) & Nearby Saint Martin/Sint Maarten St. Barths is a prestigious destination home to the world-famous regatta, the St. Barths Bucket. The races showcase a range of sailing yachts from historic vessels all the way to the latest cutting edge designs. If racing isn’t one of your interests, the luxury shops have plenty to catch your eye before you rest weary feet at a local cafe. There’s also a choice selection of amazing beaches, such as Ansa a Colombier to the north – a sheltered bay with a sandy crescent bordered by nature and nothing else. Nearby Saint Martin/Sint Maarten is certainly an island of two halves with the more developed French side and the wilder Dutch side blended together by Caribbean culture. Begin your day walking along soft sand beaches finding caves along the way, then use the afternoon to explore galleries and museums before partying the night away. St. Kitts & Nevis Snorkelling and Scuba diving is an absolute treat in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, particularly at the five coral islands that create the Tobago Cays. Take your pick of beaches on the 32 islands and wake up to breakfast alfresco and your water toys ready to go. Hike along island trails and come across the ruins of old sugar plantations on your way, and visit Kingstown to see one of the filming locations for The Pirates of the Caribbean. Your professional crew can spark young imaginations with a treasure hunt, which is a great way to keep them busy during a social gathering or some R&R. Grenada – The Spice Island Grenada is known as the ‘Island of Spice’ and those seeking a culinary adventure (or adventure in general) would do well to come here: Your professional on board chef can make use of the freshest ingredients such as nutmeg and cinnamon to create colourful courses bursting with flavour. Wake up each day to a new activity; go on a dune buggy tour, hike to waterfalls in lush rainforest, shoot through the canopy on the Grand Etang National Park canopy on the high wire, and snorkel and Scuba dive in the world’s first underwater sculpture park. The ABC Islands – Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire Aruba was named as one of the Top 20 destinations to travel to in 2020 by The Lonely Planet, and you can still fit in the glorious ABC Islands this winter. The arts scene is vibrant and thriving, events covering a wide range of interests fill the calendar, and there are beaches in abundance for an afternoon soaking up the sunshine and splashing in the brilliant blue waves. There are plenty of sailing yachts and motor yachts available to suit groups and budgets of all sizes, and one such example with a proven reputation with charter guests is the 40m/131ftt superyacht FAR NIENTE. She boasts a sundeck Jacuzzi, many sunpads and outdoor living spaces, two inviting indoor salons and accommodation to sleep up to 10 guests in five beautifully appointed en-suite staterooms, all fitted with widescreen TVs and iPod docks. The collection of water toys includes Seabobs for zipping about underwater, paddleboards, water-skis, snorkelling equipment, fishing gear and a water slide. Superyacht FAR NIENTE is available in the Caribbean throughout the upcoming winter season, and all luxury yachts should be booked ahead to avoid disappointment. Trina Howes is a Director of CharterWorld America. CharterWorld is a luxury private yacht charter company that creates outstanding vacations with excellent yachts at amazing prices – worldwide. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

Trina Howes

Trina Howes is a Director of CharterWorld America. CharterWorld America is a luxury private yacht charter company that creates outstanding vacations with excellent yachts at amazing prices – worldwide. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. Reading this has made me think about some of my past travel choices. Although I’ve visited some of the better known Caribbean Islands like Antigua, Barbados, St Lucia and Tobago there are lot of lesser known islands here which I’ve never seen. Maybe I should have travelled less often and looked at a couple of bigger trips, on a yacht, where I got to see more.

    1. Wow, that’s really great! I haven’t been to any of these places yet. And I am regretting it now big time! It’s not exactly easy reading about them now, but I hardly ever imagined taking a yacht and having my own dinner prepared on-board. That’s something to look forward to as I get older.

  2. I’ve just read a forecast of a more devastating second wave of the Coronavirus to hit the UK this winter. The difference being that this time round it will be in the country for December and January when temperatures drop and we socialise indoors for the festive season spreading the infection all over the place.

    Then I read this and hatched a cunning plan. Why not create our own isolated social bubble in the warm waters of the Caribbean? Though I doubt that my funds would stretch to months on a Caribbean private yacht charter.

    I’m sure there will be many a millionaire who will have had exactly the same brain wave and will be busy making their plans.

    1. Eh, I disagree a bit. The infections spread from a lot of people traveling everywhere. I think the second wave around the world has a lot to do with people getting comfortable with thinking the worst is over. Hopefully by the winter, there will be better preparation and once you get ahead of the virus, it’s much easier to contain. I’m sure the governments maintaining the Caribbean will be very proactive to keep those bubble economies intact.

  3. I’ve never had any lazy winter days. It’s always rush, rush, rush at work and somehow trying to get the family into gear for Christmas and New Year festivities.

    The thought of lazy winter days in the Caribbean is very tempting. In my limited experience of Caribbean living, both visitors and the local population are always are really good at slowing things down, taking life easy and having a smile on their faces.

    1. That’s been one of my most favorite aspects of traveling. I’ve spent a lot of time over in Southeast Asia, and you really hit the nail on the head about how local populations know how to take it easy. If you stay there long enough, it starts to become a lifestyle that hopefully stays with you when you leave!

  4. The Caribbean still holds that special feel to it, doesn’t it? I used to think it was too far off for someone like me but at least these days it’s more accessible to more people and not just the rich and famous. If you can afford to then it seems like a luxury yacht charter would be an incredible experience to splash out and treat yourself. I’d probably do if for an extra special occasion, like a family get together for Christmas to spend quality time together or a honeymoon maybe. I love that Grenada is called the Island of Spice, I hadn’t heard that before. I know of the ABC islands – I remember seeing gorgeous photos in a holiday brochure the other year. Definite wanderlust.

  5. I didn’t know S. Kitts & Nevis was the site of The Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I’ve only been there for a few hours as part of a cruise but was only able to go down to do some shopping. I wasn’t able to go around much and I probably wasn’t listening that much to the tour guide. It would be great to go back and do a proper tour. Well, a private charter yacht would give me more time to enjoy each island and wouldn’t be restricted to an already set itinerary.

  6. So many great ideas here. I really want to check out Grenada and Aruba. I could spend so much time traveling around the Caribbean as a digital nomad. I wonder how their internet connections are throughout these islands? Ha!

  7. The ABC islands would be on my travel wish list for the hopefully not too distance future. Sounds pretty idyllic to float around in a yacht for a however long you can afford to, taking in the atmosphere, stopping off to explore or do some water sports and snorkelling. Wish I were there now.

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