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The perfect romantic getaway to Paris

Oh la la, Paris! Where better to visit than the French capital when you are in love? Travel may not be on the agenda yet for the next few months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t already start planning a dream Parisian escapade with your better half and experience the most romantic city in the world à deux when the pandemic is finally over. This article aims to serve you as the ultimate guide to planning the perfect couple trip to Paris – complete with food, wine and of course the iconic Eiffel Tower. I suggest finding your stay in the 7th arrondissement, one of the most safe, calm, iconic, and luxurious areas of Paris. Plus you will be just footsteps away from everything listed below. But before I get into the insider tips, here’s an important note: keep in mind that if going up the Iron Lady is on your bucket list, or dining at their famous restaurant, you will need to make a reservation and purchase your tickets three months in advance to ensure your spot. Now that this crucial info is out of the way – sit back, relax, and enjoy the list of the best places to eat French food near the Eiffel Tower! Best restaurants near the Eiffel Tower Casual dinner at Les Cocottes The world famous French chef Christian Constant owns three fantastic restaurants near the Eiffel Tower. Les Cocottes is our favorite, both for the quality of their dishes but also the atmosphere. Food and ambiance are bistrot style, but with a chic twist. This is the ideal place for a relaxed and delicious traditional French dinner. Feel like a movie star at Le Jules Verne Of course the first place you’d think of for a romantic dinner in Paris is the Jules Verne, the restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. It’s the restaurant of choice for many looking to pop the question or just to enjoy the amazing lights show that happens at the start of every hour. Modern Parisian elegance at Les Ombres If you are looking for something less touristy, I highly recommend Les Ombres right next door from the Eiffel Tower. In my opinion, the rooftop restaurant Les Ombres makes for the perfect combination of Paris essence, wine and romance. Located at the top of the Musée du Quai Branly, it has a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower! Best French pastries near the Eiffel Tower Best baguette: Boulangerie Julien Trying to impress your better half? Grab them by the hand and guide them towards the best baguette in the arrondissement at Boulangerie Julien, as if you were another knowledgeable local. Best patisserie: Pralus For those with a sweet tooth, Pralus is definitely the place to go. Located at the charming rue Cler, Pralus is a must visit for authentic French classics. Treat yourself to their amazing homemade macarons – I recommend getting an assorted box so you get to try all the different flavors! If you would like to take some home as a gift, make sure to grab them at the end of your trip, as fresh macarons expire just after three days. While you’re there, you must taste their delicious praline brioche. They also have an incredible selection of dark chocolate from different cacao farms across the world. My favorite French dessert: Canelés Lemoine A speciality from Bordeaux, the best way to describe the canelé is a little dome of happiness! Made using French pancake batter with vanilla and a drop of rum, the boutique smells incredible when they’re fresh out the oven. They might even be warm for you! These are perfect to share too. Best wine and cheese near the Eiffel Tower For wine lovers: Les Petits Domaines At the wine shop Les Petits Domaines, you will meet Isabelle. She is passionate about French wine and will be happy to answer all your questions in perfect English. This shop is great if you are looking for organic wine from small wineries in France. Pick a Sancerre or, if the weather’s nice in Paris, a fresh bottle of Champagne! Perfect to take for a couples picnic in the park under the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars garden. For cheese addicts: Fromagerie de Grenelle Let me introduce you to the French cheese shop Fromagerie de Grenelle. The owner Pascal is from Corsica, like Napoleon! A little more relaxed than the Emperor, he loves cheese more than anyone I know. He’s proud of his work, and very talented too. This is the best place to get a piece of delicious truffle Brie cheese. What’s more, you can pair it with the Champagne you bought at Isabelle’s wine shop next door! Feel like a local in Paris by strolling Rue Cler Are you and your partner looking for authentic Paris experiences? Make sure to pay a visit to rue Cler, the most charming street in the area, located right by the Eiffel Tower. A quiet pedestrian street, it makes for the perfect place to spot locals on the weekends while on their market runs or sipping on their morning coffee at the terraces. Lined by short buildings, traditional small businesses and colourful facades, it almost feels like a small French village when you’re there. If you are in the mood for a drink, mingle with locals on the boats by the Seine river. Young adult Parisians enjoy their summer nights in peniches on the river, often with stunning views over the city. Faust and Flow are popular spots for a drink and a dance among locals. Last but not least, this guide wouldn’t be complete without adding the most romantic museum and garden in the neighborhood: the Musée Rodin. The museum, built inside the luxurious home of the famous artist, is the ideal place for a cultural romantic walk. I hope you enjoyed this list with my mandatory addresses for the perfect romantic trip to Paris. Don’t hesitate to comment below your Paris favourites! Maria Pasca is the Communications & Marketing Director at My Private Paris. My Private Paris is an award-winning boutique travel agency that fully tailors high-end tours and experiences in Paris with the finest local guides. If you would like to be a guest blogger on A Luxury Travel Blog in order to raise your profile, please contact us.

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  1. I’ve got an incredibly sweet tooth but I’ve never tried a canelé. Next time I visit Paris I’ll definitely have to pick up a box, though I don’t guarantee that they’ll make it back home!

  2. I know that right now isn’t the time to visit Paris but maybe someone could share this with my boyfriend? He is so nice in so many ways but he just doesn’t get romance! And is there anywhere more romantic than Paris?

  3. In January 2020 we began talking about a long weekend in Paris but once I started seeing the news from Wuhan I started thinking that we could be in for a pandemic. Wisely we held back on the booking.

    That all seems so long ago that we’ve almost forgotten why we were going to Paris. Nice to see this reminder. Maybe we’ll be able to have our long weekend in 2021?

  4. Ah, Paris. Who doesn’t dream of visiting this city? The historic landmarks, the bustling arrondissements with its unique vibe, and the amazing food. I’ve long been planning a European tour that of course includes Paris. I can’t wait to take that planning up again next year so I can travel by 2022. I planned to see all the touristy sites and of course, find those hidden gems as well. I don’t mind walking around to discover these gems. I will delve more into the restaurants and cafes and patisserie mentioned in this list because, perfectly, they’re right where famous tourists landmarks are.

  5. I have always dreamt to having my breakfast in my hotel room with the view of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is called the city of love for a reason as many of its attractions cater to couples. The ambience anywhere, even just a simple cafe down the street feels romantic already. Maybe it’s the language. The way it rolls off the tongue and the way it sounds. Maybe that’s just me. It also offers an exquisite dining experience perfect for date nights or even casual lunch dates. Aside from that, there are also quite a number of museums in Paris that couples can visit. It will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while learning more about Paris, its architerture, history, and culture.

  6. Look at that grazing platter at Fromagerie de Grenelle! I am a cheese person and there is no perfect place to dine with my husband than here. By the way, can anybody suggest where to taste the best Aligot in Paris? I have tried to recreate it at home and my husband loved it and we want to try the real thing.

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